Yourself is Enough!

Reflecting on the tapestry of human history, it is impossible to overlook the paramount influence religion has wielded in the formation of societies, civilizations, and cultural dynamics. While I express this understanding as an atheist, it’s crucial to honor all perspectives’ authenticity, even when they diverge from one’s views. Different people draw different meanings from various life aspects, and for many, religion serves as an unwavering beacon guiding them through life’s daunting maze. In this context, I’m aiming to explore a widening path in contemporary society; empowering self-driven lives, where belief in oneself takes precedence. It’s about ensuring that one realizes, “Yourself is Enough.”

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Sam Harris Teaches Biological Morality

Sam Harris is one of the special thinkers, like Richard Dawkins, who dares to stand up to popular thought and challenge our ideas of religion against our ideals of relative moralism.  Sam’s new book is “The Moral Landscape” and he teaches us why morality is biological.

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Suspension of Disbelief

The “Suspension of Disbelief” is a vital notion in any live stage performance.  We know we are sitting in a comfortable theatre in Washington, D.C. watching actors — and not in a gloomy, dark, forest in Germany watching murderers in the night — and we willingly suspend reality in favor of disbelieving what our eyes and minds are telling us is not real.

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Do You Believe in Ripley?

Do you believe in “Ripley’s Believe it Or Not!”
Since 1918 Ripley’s have been challenging the human condition by testing belief, trying honor and tempting our darker side with unknown and wanton wishings.

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Mistaken Memes and the Truth that Never Was

We are required to always accept new information because we never know when we’ll find out what we thought we always knew was true, never was.  I am still amazed to learn that in Southern pockets of the United States that many people viciously, and wrongly, believe that Barack Obama is a Muslim when he is not and never was.

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Moral Indoctrination and the Church

The Greeks made a bold move and removed the question of morality from the secular world and replaced that mandate with the universal ideal of ethical behavior governed by laws.  We became a people of rules and laws and ethics in the state — making us completely unique in the world — because no other competing species for our time and space is able to cognitively think, make value judgments and create a standard, equitable, criteria for living as citizens that requires we help each other instead of trying to kill each other.  We are ruled by our minds and not our emotional instincts.  We have patterns of written expectation we agree to adhere to in order to get along with each other — and the role of the historic Church in antiquity was to mediate the meticulous, and sometimes tenuous, dyad between a people and their state — and to help regulate an effervescent values system and to negotiate a context for living a moral life in a shapeshifting world.

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Knowing God's Wants

Is it possible to really know God’s wants — especially when we have so many Gods roaming the universe around us?  We can pretend we know God’s wants.  We can interpret text to try to give us direction — but any human knowing of an immortal’s internal intention is folly at best and heresy in the worst.

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