Is it possible to really know God’s wants — especially when we have so many Gods roaming the universe around us?  We can pretend we know God’s wants.  We can interpret text to try to give us direction — but any human knowing of an immortal’s internal intention is folly at best and heresy in the worst.

So why do we try to know God’s wants?

Would any God allow his name to be used in the bloody killing of innocent people?

Would a benevolent God promise suffering for good people?

If a God is omniscient and neutral — there would never be murder to famine or poverty — because to allow that sort of pain in the body of the faithful doesn’t create greater faith, it merely punishes those that chose to believe in the first place.

Be wary of those who tell you they know what God wants for you — and check your pockets before they leave to see if any of your worldly possessions are missing after your unwanted correction in the way God thinks about you.

Faith and believing are yours alone — knowing wants and making wishes belong only to the Gods above — and there are some things we mortals were never meant to know or challenge.


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  2. Where is everybody? Faith was invented to be exploited. People get rich taking advantage of other people. The masks rock. Whose god is it anyway?

  3. It’s the summer, Karvain! Everyone is where you’ve been! Out having a life in the world! SILE!
    There are many Gods, but few believers and to believe in more than one God only brings you trouble and not pleasure and that’s too bad.

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