Intention and Want

Intention and want are undervalued, yet powerful, acts of
that define people in their place.  Both actor and audience must have clear wants and intentions to perform and follow — or the dramatic tension will collapse.

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Truth in Search

There’s a notion floating about the internets that the only place we are truly honest with ourselves is found in what we type in a search box.

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Knowing God's Wants

Is it possible to really know God’s wants — especially when we have so many Gods roaming the universe around us?  We can pretend we know God’s wants.  We can interpret text to try to give us direction — but any human knowing of an immortal’s internal intention is folly at best and heresy in the worst.

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Do We Love Pets More than People?

Dealing with the death of a pet is, for some people, an event from which they never recover.  Where once we just buried pets in the backyard under a foot of dirt — or dumped the carcass in the trash bin like garbage–many now honor their deceased pets with cremation, mausoleums, headstones and other burial rites that were formerly reserved in the domain of people.

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Google Health Wants Your Body

Google already has your mind.  Now Google wants your body!

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Ten Minutes with Ten Women

Give me ten minutes to chat with these ten women in person and I guarantee we will be lifelong friends forever because their aesthetic spirit is strong and striking:

Natalie Portman and Alanis Morissette

 Natalie PortmanAlanis Morissette

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God Wanted Me to Beat You

Football is big business in America and so is religion so blending the two is as natural as sap on a tree but is there constitutional trouble ahead for public institutions that require prayer from their football players? Today’s New York Times addresses this matter:

As in politics and culture in the United States, college football is increasingly becoming a more visible home for the Gospel. In the past year more than 2,000 college football coaches participated in events sponsored by the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, which said that more than 1.4 million athletes and coaches from youth to professional levels had attended in 2005, up from 500,000 in 1990.

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