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Favorites of 2007

Ah, another year, another list of things that I really liked. I’m sorry to say but you won’t find any of these things under your chair once you have finished reading this article – I’m not quite Oprah, alas.

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Favorites of 2006

I’m not anticipating anything earthshattering to be released or to happen in the next fifteen days and so I present to you my favorites of 2006 a good two weeks earlier than it has been traditionally released.

A lot of albums were released during the year but not a lot of them caught my attention, and many of those that did somehow didn’t manage to keep it for all that long. I have two albums in mind for this year – the eponymous Pearl Jam release and the soundtrack to the Disney film High School Musical.

Pearl Jam’s eponymous album was a nice return to a strong rocking band. It takes its place among some of my favorite albums ever. From the moment you open up the avocado emblazened album and put it in to the last moments of the last song you realize what a good thing you have. I was particularly pleased with the fact that for a limited time Pearl Jam basically gave away the mp3 of the first single off of the album, “World Wide Suicide.” I was unable to see them when they were playing at The Gorge in George, Washington (yes, very funny) but I know that the next time they are around I will certainly make a good effort to see them. The album as a whole is a no-punches held back crticism of the current government in power in the United States and the directions that we have taken in foreign policy. I think you could say that the band doesn’t particularly agree with the direction being taken.

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Favorites of 2005

The yearly tradition of writing about the year in the last 48 hours that remain of the year continues, with 2005 being yet another spectacular one for favorites. I once more reiterate the standard year end disclaimer that these are just my favorites, and that you very well may detest each and every single item that I so adore.

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Favorites of 2004

As the year will be over in a matter of fewer than 50 hours, I felt it was time to continue the relatively new tradition of listing my favorite things from the year. Once again, I start with the disclaimer that the following is strictly a matter of opinion, and that my favorites might very well be your least favorite.

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