Well, that was fast!  One day Volumes 1 and 2 of the “Best of Urban Semiotic” hits the virtual Kindle Direct Publishing shelves, and here we are on the same day with an all-new “The Best of Go Inside Magazine, Volume 1 (1983-2012)” magically published via Amazon Kindle Direct as well!

Here’s what happened.  I have a plan for testing the viability and sustainability of “The Best of” the Boles Blogs Networks articles on Amazon via Kindle Direct Publishing.  After I submitted the Urban Semiotic volumes to Amazon for KDP publication, I immediately began redacting and condensing a GO INSIDE “Best of” series.

When I ran into some publication problems on the Amazon side that delayed the process for several days, I kept editing the GO INSIDE volume with an eye of just putting the work up for sale on the Boles Books Writing & Publishing website if it didn’t work out as a KDP book and I would charge a nominal PayPal fee for the publishing effort.

I was amazed that Amazon KDP approved and published the GO INSIDE volume within hours of submission — and so here we are!

GO INSIDE Magazine has had a lot of excellent articles by many authors published over the years.  For this first volume test, I decided to use only articles I wrote and articles my wife Janna wrote as well as the works of Marshall Jamison and Joseph Baldwin — who each gave me full rights to publish and republish their works in perpetuity before they died.

The result is an incredibly rich and surprising mix of poetry, living, argument and emotion.  Here’s a blurp from the book’s introduction:

Welcome to — “The Best of Go Inside Magazine, Volume 1 (1983-2012)” — weighing in at a massive 69,000 words and 190 standard, typewritten, pages. The idea of this first volume of writing by David W. Boles, Marshall Jamison, Janna M. Sweenie and Joseph Baldwin is to preserve the wild online record of a small fraction of some of the good work published at GoInside.com since 1983 here in more manageable, redacted, and edited form you can hold, in your own time, in both hand and eye. The words you read may be different from what you read in the online version because we are framing new contexts and adding more editorial value to this form for those previously entered online thoughts into a newer and, perhaps, more permanent — if not convenient — memeing for the future.

You can buy The Best of Go Inside Magazine, Volume 1 (1983-2012) today on Amazon and we appreciate your interest and support!  We still make no money off any of these Kindle book publications.  If there’s anything extra, it all goes to pay our behind-the-scenes publication costs.


  1. That’s a lot of red on the cover! It’s nice to see things getting done and coming together in new ways.

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