Chris Hemsworth Betrays His Gender

Chris Hemsworth is a big movie star. He just finished up a blurp as Thor in the Avengers movie serials, and he’s currently the lead in the latest disappointing Men In Black installment. Chris Hemsworth also has a new workout/lifestyle App that I have supported since day one as a yearly subscribing “founding member” and I have been generally pleased with the Centr App that bears Chris Hemsworth’s name and likeness — though he really doesn’t appear to be involved, at all, in the day-to-day running of the App; but the App is filled with Chris’ people, his trainer, his food guy, his movie body double, and so if the Hemsworth name sells the App, the Hemsworth name accepts all challengers to the fitness of the fairness of the programs.

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How the 92nd Street Y Betrayed Steve Martin

Comedian Steve Martin tells jokes.  He acts funny in movies.  He also writes books.  He plays the banjo.  He’s an art collector.  All of those facets make up the diamond of the man — but not in the stern glare from the 92nd Street Y in New York City.  The 92nd Street Y wanted Steve Martin to be one thing, and one thing only:  Funny.

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Elizabeth's Last Breath: Ten Sentence Story #105

And so Elizabeth knew the gargoyles had leapt from the top of the Cathedral and come down to earth to take her back into their dark realm because she could smell the wet earth wiggling between their toes.

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The Winston Clay Soap Bar

When I was, perhaps, nine-years-old or so, I was required to sculpt an art project out of clay.  Others in my class created the clay expected:  Animals, their Initials, flowers, and cars.  I, for some reason, decided to create a life-sized Winston cigarette pack — flush with a few cigs sticking up out of the top.

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Ten Sixty

Braying, masked in mint and sweat
the hermaphrodite slides away.

Betrayed by the Kindle DX

I am confused — and betrayed — by the impending release of the Kindle DX.  I’m confused because I don’t really understand why this newer, better, version is being released now only months after the release of the Kindle 2.0; and I’m betrayed by the release of this newer, better version of the two Kindle 2.0s I bought in February.

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Shards of Shattered Covenants

There is no worse betrayal in the world than the person in which time, hope, honor and integrity have been invested then ends in dismay as that person decides everything isn’t enough and that they will viciously and bloodily go their own way; but instead of leaving with grace and manners, they decide to stink up the place by trying to tear down Good Things in their slash-and-burn-exit.

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