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Cheney Betrays the Human Condition

Have we ever had an ex vice-president so quickly and publicly condemn the current administration as Dick Cheney has done to the Obama administration?  The man has been out of office less than three week’s and he can’t wait to taste the bitterness of American blood again.

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The Definition of Bad Taste

One of the worst feelings is when you do someone a favor — like getting them a paying gig — and they then betray you by complaining on their blog about the very work you got them.

That sort of behavior is: The Definition of Bad Taste.

If you don’t like the job or appreciate the favor, that’s fine, but keep it to yourself. 

No one wants to read about ungrateful complaining on a public blog. 

Whine to your friends and bad-mouth — if you must — those who do you favors… out of earshot and eyeshot!

A former beloved professor of mine in graduate school was found of saying this about that sort of betrayer:  “I will do nothing to hurt you; but I will also do nothing to help you.”

Shunning Jerry Seinfeld and His Stolen Sycophant Wife

I have decided to shun Jerry Seinfeld and his stolen sycophant wife. He has a new bee movie coming out soon and I’m not going to see it because

I have come to believe Jerry is not a good person, he is morally corrupt, and he lacks a social understanding of ethical behavior in context. Jerry Seinfeld has become, for me, “the Barry Bonds of comedy” by denying the obvious to protect the ego. Here’s why.

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