Why Did MSFT Buy Skype?

Why did Microsoft drop $8.5 billion on Skype?  Are they that terrified of Google Voice that they’ll drop major change on an acquisition they don’t really need?  The deal is ridiculous and upside down and backward.  What was Ballmer thinking?  Is MSFT really going to embed Skype in their products, or was this a proactive buy that leads to a mercy killing?

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Bill Gates Gets Pied in the Puss

Today in Brussels, Microsoft’s middle-aged wonder, Bill Gates, was ambushed while entering a building and was blind-sided with a cream pie. The pie was viciously thrown with force and malice and its intent was obviously not to inspire laughs, but to wound. When you watch the video of it happening in real time, you can see Bill didn’t know what hit him — I’m certain he wondered if he had been smashed in the head with something more deadly than a cream pie. You can see he’s frozen scared after the pie slams into his face, full on. You can’t help but feel for the guy. Two others then tossed pies at Bill to finish off the humiliation.

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