Writing a Journal of Memories: The Education of a Teacher

[Publisher’s Note: What you see on this page is the beginning of a publication project Dr. Howard Stein was preparing for David Boles Blogs in the year 2000 upon the celebration of the occasion of his birth — July 4 — when he was 78-years-old. We have unearthed this early draft of — The Howard Stern Journal of Memories — and we share it with you today so you may not only enjoy Dr. Stein’s wisdom, but also revel in the revision process you can see below in an image of his typewritten submission. You may view a larger size of the image on the Boles.com Howard Stein Archive Page.

Howard’s health began to nag him as the days aged, and he never returned to this project, but you may still read a lot of Dr. Stein’s work here, there and elsewhere. Howard Stein died on October 12, 2012 of heart failure. He was 90. We miss him every moment of every notion and it is amazing that 15 years after he wrote this for us, Howard is still publishing with us from the grave. Howard Stein always said he was “born lucky” — and so, too, are we lucky to have this article! — but this is his story.]

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The Harsh Realities of the Circle of Life

In the dim and distant past when I first had a job, I used to get a lift to work with a friend.  In return I would look after their family animals while they were away on holiday.  This meant feeding and mucking out three or four rabbits and four guinea pigs which lived in a huge wooden hutch in the garden. He would ruefully remark to me at times that he wished the animals he had bought to teach the children about life and death would actually oblige. They must have had the longest living rabbits and guinea pigs I have known.

Fast forward thirty five years and the cats of my lap in the Alentejo shed are giving me a prime example.

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Palin Panopticonic

Sarah Palin and her Down Syndrome baby just won’t go away.  Did she really give birth to Trig or not is still deservedly getting lots of play on the internets.  Here’s the latest photograph of her “pregnant” with Trig at 32-33 months.

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Saving Private Soldier Sperm

War not only ravages the body.  War savages the family.  War kills the future.  War assassinates the now.  A soldier’s widow was forced by the United States Military to not only fight for her right to her dead husband’s sperm, but she was also pressed to dig into the muck and mire of a rigid military system that was unkind to the living remnants of a fallen body.  Kynesha Dhanoolal won the battle, but lost her war.

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