Sarah Palin and her Down Syndrome baby just won’t go away.  Did she really give birth to Trig or not is still deservedly getting lots of play on the internets.  Here’s the latest photograph of her “pregnant” with Trig at 32-33 months.

Here she is 18 days later.  Is she faking her pregnancy by stuffing her clothes?

Here’s an image of how Palin looked when pregnant with a previous child.

Palin has created her own Panopticonic eyeing because she refuses to provide any proof of Trig’s birth.  No medical records.  No birth certificate. 

If he were really her child, why wouldn’t she just hand over the information and kill the whole story in its crib?  I believe she won’t because she can’t: Trig is not her baby.

Palin’s truthiness is important if she wants to be a leader of free and genuine people — but be careful what you wish for in Trig’s provenance, because if Trig turns out not to be her baby, the Palin Panopticonic Spin Machine will be in full bore mode — DRILL, BABY, DRILL! takes on a whole new resonance — and she will martyr herself as the savior of a Down Syndrome Baby that nobody else wanted:  She lied to saved Trig from the Abortionist’s vacuum

Sarah Palin will become:  The Sacred Mother of Trig’s Immaculate Conception.


  1. Jeeze she’s back. I don’t know why you bother covering her. I agree she’ll spin it any way she wants and her followers will forgive her. I don’t think it’s her baby either.

  2. Palin does live for the spotlight, Anne, and if she were smart, she’d go away for awhile. She won’t. She can’t. She needs the power and the love of the people to survive.

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