For most of my life I was known as “David Boles” or just “Boles” — because I would never answer to my first name alone because almost everyone I knew in school was also named “David.”  A few years ago, I decided to add my middle initial to separate myself from at least 13 other David Boles people in the world — and the “David W. Boles” was born.

As a slightly off, yet provocative, person — I decided to create my own LinkedIn group called —

I/We/Me/You/Us/Thou Am/Are/Is/Were David Boles!

— and I invited the 13 other “David Boles” folk I found on LinkedIn to join the group to celebrate them/us/we/me along with those that love us and work with us.  If you’re on LinkedIn — join the group and have some fun with us/me/them!

The only David Boles that bothered to accept my invitation was a David Boles from the UK and he accepted my invitation by addressing me as:  “Dubya.” 


I was never so insulted and thrilled in my life:  It was as if I had met and fallen in love with the UK version of me.  He got me.  He poked me.  He made me laugh.

I now call him “A” — based on his middle initial — and I find that David Boles delightful and delicious.

David A. Boles also has good ideas worth stealing — see where now leads you — and even as I lick my middle initial wounds that will now forever stab my heart by branding me to that other “W” in the world… it’s still good to know I’m no longer alone in the David Boles universe.


  1. Ha!
    David Dubya Boles!
    Life is fun – enjoy!
    Hats off to your UK version!!!

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