You may remember the strange case of a student teacher that posted an image on her MySpace page as a drunken pirate.  She lost her teaching internship and a chance to finish her undergraduate degree.

She, of course, sued — claiming her First Amendment right of free expression was violated.

The judge in the case just rendered his decision.

I have found, Defendants do not have the authority to award Plaintiff a
BSE because she failed to complete Student Teaching.  As a result,
Plaintiff is not eligible for initial teaching certification. 
Moreover, Defendants did not violate Plaintiff’s First Amendment right
to free expression.  Accordingly, I deny her demand for mandatory
injunctive relief.

We applaud judge Paul S.
Diamond, J. for his clear and simple ruling that cut through the
confounding mist and the purposeful fog of the student teacher’s

Justice was rendered.  Society is safe.  The feeble minded no longer play in the fields of the logical.