Blue Hair Suspensions and Mixed Priorities

There are many problems that have been facing our school systems for years. I would like to mention a few of them and then bring up a completely non-issue that has been made into an issue unnecessarily. The issues are teen pregnancy, drug addiction, and gang membership. The non issue is blue hair. You can re-read that if you would like as it is still there — blue hair. It is a non issue that was made into one by a young woman being suspended because her hair was dyed with Kool-Aid.

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MTV’s 16 and Pregnant Reveals Punishing Sorrows

We all know abstinence, as a birth control method, is not a good way to avoid pregnancy because the failure rate for abstinence is 100% if a tiny drop of a mistake is made — and many young people today have variable definitions of sex that goes far beyond simple penile penetration of the vagina.  You have your sloppy oral sex.  You have your crude anal sex.  You have your various raw rubbings and rubbery gruntings in the back seats of cars and on den sofas.  You don’t know when a drip or a dribble might take a turn for the worse and a baby is the made as the result of a quick-release lust.  MTV has a terrific show called — 16 and Pregnant — and it is a magnificent piece of reality television that puts the truth to the lie that unplanned teen pregnancies, and unwed teen moms, are something to be celebrated in the media.

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Bristol Palin in the Pregnancy Panopticon

In a duplicitous move that only a Palin could hope to pull off by wholly underestimating our intelligence again, high-school dropout and unwed mother Bristol Palin — daughter of said Sarah — wants to be the public face of teen abstinence.

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Palin Panopticonic

Sarah Palin and her Down Syndrome baby just won’t go away.  Did she really give birth to Trig or not is still deservedly getting lots of play on the internets.  Here’s the latest photograph of her “pregnant” with Trig at 32-33 months.

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Diagnosing Down Syndrome

In the March 2005 issue of the American Journal of Obstetrics the results of a survey were revealed that concerned the counseling of women pregnant with Down Syndrome babies. Too often, the report reveals, women are presented with only the negative side of Down Syndrome:

Mothers who have children with Down syndrome, diagnosed prenatally, reported that doctors did not tell them about the positive potential of people with Down syndrome nor did they feel like they received enough up-to-date information or contact information for parent support groups. Further yet, the mothers report that all of these shortcomings are happening at an emotional time when women have to decide whether or not to continue their pregnancies.

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