In a duplicitous move that only a Palin could hope to pull off by wholly underestimating our intelligence again, high-school dropout and unwed mother Bristol Palin — daughter of said Sarah — wants to be the public face of teen abstinence.

Have you stopped laughing yet?

When you voluntarily place yourself in the Panopticon — you should expect its blinking eye to bite you back with every lash if you lie under the gaze of the active watchers.

Even the very kids Bristol is trying to reach know her abstinence message is a fake and a fraud and the evidence is in the baby suckling on her heaving breasts:

It’s a big flop,” said Jerry Kowal, a senior at Solomon Schecter High School in Hartsdale, N.Y., referring to Palin’s campaign to get teens to abstain from sex.

“I don’t think it’s her real opinion,” the 17-year-old told “She’s just trying to help her mother. She said it herself that abstinence education doesn’t work. I looked it up.”

In a February interview with Fox News’ Greta Susteren, Palin talked about how much her life had changed since the birth of then-two month old Trigg and how teenage abstinence was “unrealistic.”

Bristol Palin in the most powerful person in the entire state of Alaska as the keeper of her mother’s lies — but Bristol Palin must wield that power carefully and cautiously and not spend the few bits of goodwill she might have left with a wary public by campaigning for a cause she has already, and absolutely, failed in both example and practice.


  1. “Don’t do drugs!” said the man, shooting himself up.
    Le sigh.

  2. It’s just so incredible, Gordon, that the Palins think they can get away with this sort of ongoing abuse of our good senses and our notions about what makes good moral character. Every public move they make, the stupider they make their entire family look in the long view. I can’t wait until the entire facade crumbles and everything we suspect about them is proven true in the public square.

  3. In light of this whole situation I think that Bristol Palin will someday be a politician. She has learned at a young age to use morally good platforms in which to make her stand in an attempt to elevate her character to the public. However, just as most politicians, she has learned the art of false advertisement, i.e. lying.
    It’s a complete misrepresentation! I am ridiculously stating the obvious here, but in order to use abstinence as a campaign platform, she must first be abstinent. Bristol isn’t exactly the role model that I want my teens pattering themselves after.

  4. That is excellent insight, Kimberley, and I’m glad you, too, see this scam that’s being perpetuated upon our good notions and fine sensibilities! Bristol would be much more powerful if she said now what she previously said in public: “Abstinence didn’t really work” for her and then offer her life as a warning against making the same mistakes she made to help young men and women find other ways to prevent pregnancy before abstinence so miserably fails. For her to now claim in the public square that abstinence is the best way to behave when she did not practice it makes the entire idea of abstinence a joke when there are some people in the world who believe in, and successfully practice, that concept of contraception.

  5. What you state is truth!
    The old cliche’ “honesty is the best medicine” would be of profound effect in regards to Bristol Palin and her circumstances, as they are spotlighted by the national media. We certainly would respect her much more if she were to simply be honest!

  6. That’s the key, Kimberley. If Bristol said, “Look, I made mistakes. Here’s what I did, and here’s what I wished I’d done,” she would be a powerful voice. But… right now… she’s still her mother’s puppet. One day, we hope, she will have her own life and she will be able to accept the realities of her lives.

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