If you’re looking for a terrific game to play online — in addition to Pet Society — then let me humbly suggest to you:  Farm Town.  You will be stunned by the gameplay and addicted to the gamesmanship in a matter of moments once the colorful logo greets your eye and your fertile farmland loads waiting for your aesthetic touch and business brilliance.

The idea of the Farm Town is to build neighbors and to become land wealthy and object rich.  You achieve those goals by harvesting your neighbor’s farms to earn coins and you can send gifts like trees and animals to help your neighbor create a working farm.  You can later harvest the fruit for more coins.

You hire your fellow farmers in the marketplace.  You will earn a higher crop yield and a better sale rate if you let someone else pull in your harvest.  When the harvest is in, you return to the marketplace to sell your crops so you can buy more land and plant more trees and crops.

After plowing your harvested field, you then seed the land by going into the Farm Town store where you can buy all sorts of supplies.

You can also pretty up your farm with barns and houses to help earn experience points that will level you up in the game.

Here’s my farm!  I’m “Doc Weatherall” in Farm Town and, right now, I love planting onions to get the greatest bang for my planted buck.  Last night I hired a neighbor to harvest about half of my field and I earned 175,000 coins and her take was 91,000!  That’s teamwork.  That’s neighborly.  That’s the beauty of Farm Town!

On Facebook, you can add those in your Friends list to become your Farm Town neighbors.  Simply click on their icon to be taken to their farm to work or chat or just admire their handiwork.

Here’s the action interface where you can move around your farm, and plow and harvest and win awards and go to town.

Sometimes you’ll be asked to help tend a neighbor’s farm in their absence.  This can be a pleasurable experience as you see them actively progressing in the game; or it can be a sobering mitzvah as you see how far your fellow farmer has fallen on hard times and left a farm to rot and waste away.

In the end, you have to find a delicate balance between having lots of animals and buildings or dedicating your farm to planting as many crops as possible to earn the churn.  I’m currently of the mind that I want a farm that loads fasts for my neighbors to harvest and one that also provides me just a little aesthetic happiness in my little white farm house corner of the world.

If you’re on Facebook and you’d like to play Farm Town, sign me up as your friend, and we’ll get to tending together!


  1. It is a great game. I just have to get better at it! 🙂

  2. Farm Town is yet another very interactive game! I love being in control of the whole process and the fact that my neighbors can co-assist me in my endeavors as I choose.
    The whole concept in the game is not far off from the real life experiences of life on a thriving farm. It teaches the realization that you actually have to spend money to earn money!
    I must warn anyone interested in trying Farm Town … it is ADDICTIVE and FUN!

  3. Right on, Kimberley! Farm Town is fun and realistic. I like it that the game challenges you to plant and harvest. If we had real disasters like fires and tornadoes that would destroy crops and the farm, the game would not be as popular as it is. Right now 5.1 million people are playing Farm Town and the game is still in beta and has only been available for play for three months!

  4. Wow! What an amazing game coming from the “New kids on the block!”
    I hadn’t realized that the game had only been operational for three months! It’s certainly a very clever design job! I’m hooked!
    My only complaint is the “chat” room atmosphere in the marketplace. It gives some an opportunity to pester others.
    Yes, If the natural disasters were realistic it would basically set us back levels and we would have to work harder to gain our upgrades again! That would be tough! However, I’ve had enough dealings with the tornados today! Real ones! I much prefer to just clean up after the ones on “Farm Town.”

  5. Yes, Farm Town is really just beginning. I hear rumors that things like the barn and the wells will have functional use in the future and that animals will eventually play a role in the game, too.
    I agree the marketplace is more meat market for pick ups than a serious place to find hard workers. We need to have some sort of “harvest bot” we can choose to hire to avoid the people in the marketplace looking to harass and hangout than have fun.
    I agree a Farm Town tornado is more preferable to the real kind.

  6. This game sounds very interesting, I didn’t have much time at all for exploring about anything for last one month…but I will work on it and get back!!!

  7. I am not impressed with Farm Town I have been Blocked for using a BOT and I don’t even know what that is. So if you are using farm town click very slow so you don’t take the chance of getting blocked. I think that all people using Farm town should stop using this application. Especially if people are going to get accused of using things that they are not even using. I would like to know how to send a message to the creators of this application to let them know what I think. I have thought of deleting it once before and this Time I am really thinking of getting ride of it all together.

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