My SimCity Review: Even Though I Have Yet to Play the Game

I enjoy playing online games, even though finding just the right game that suits my style can be a challenge.  I have loved SuperPoke Pets in the past, and now, this week, I have a whole new endearment to endorse — SimCity — even though I have yet to play the game!

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Peggle My Heart

Finding an iPhone game that is fun, playable and everlasting is a
chore I have struggled to overcome.  Sure, there are lots of fun games
for the iPhone, but only Peggle is a game I have played and won
and then re-played again and again.  Once you beat the game, you can call on all your in game character friends to specialize in your continued destruction towards the win.

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The Farm Town Review

If you’re looking for a terrific game to play online — in addition to Pet Society — then let me humbly suggest to you:  Farm Town.  You will be stunned by the gameplay and addicted to the gamesmanship in a matter of moments once the colorful logo greets your eye and your fertile farmland loads waiting for your aesthetic touch and business brilliance.

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The Pet Society Review

After my wife’s insulting debacle with the creeps at and SuperPoke Pets, I was looking for an online play replacement, and I was delighted to discover Pet Society on Facebook!

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Call of Duty 2 Review

I am not a big Gamer, but when I saw Call of Duty 2 was available as a Universal Application for the Mac I had to pony up the $50.00 for the game to see how well it would play on my MacBook Pro.
Call of Duty 2 is an outstanding game and I can run it in full 1680×1050 mode. 

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Why I Love Wheel of Fortune

I have loved Wheel of Fortune since it debuted in 1975 with Chuck Woolery as host and Susan Stafford as hostess. Now Pat Sajak and Vanna White serve similar roles.

Wheel of Fortune

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Cricket Fever

by Naresh Arya

Cricket is something that really needs to be given thought by all Indians! After their cricketing debacle in the World Cup ’99 played in England recently, India as a country is slowly limping back to normalcy after being inebriated with a cricket fever stupor that nearly lasted for six weeks. In a way it was good that India lost and now most Indians have come out of their craze for arguably the most overrated, over promoted, and overpaid team and are hopefully now paying attention to real issues closer to home and more important in nature.

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