After my wife’s insulting debacle with the creeps at and SuperPoke Pets, I was looking for an online play replacement, and I was delighted to discover Pet Society on Facebook!

Pet Society is SuperPoke Pets on steroids!  There is so much more going on in Pet Society than could ever happen with SuperPoke Pets. 

You are in total control of the game in Pet Society.  You create and “become” your pet as you travel around your “society” and you interact with other pets for fun, health, fame and fortune! 

You can hug, dance, tell a joke and even kiss your friends to earn coins and gain a healthy heart!

You will always need to make sure your pet is clean, healthy and well fed.  You buy your pet clothes and furniture and even some fun luxury items.  You can visit the food store to stock up on edibles you can share with your friends.

In your “chest” you keep the items of your life.  You have soap for cleaning, a brush for grooming and sports equipment for working out your reflexive skills.  You can also get something to eat, decorate your rooms, or even send a gift to a friend.  The best thing hiding in your chest is the Recycle Bin — you use it to get rid of stuff you don’t want any longer.  You get points — and even gifts! — for doing right recycling thing by the earth you inhabit in your habitat.

Visiting your Pet Society friends is as easy as clicking on their pet!

I warn you — Pet Society is addictive fun — and you won’t ever want to stop playing. 

If you’re on Facebook, look me up, and we can lay down a Pet Society playdate for some hugging and dancing and kissing — all for fun in the name of pet profit!


  1. Where did you get that one plush in what looks like a top hat?

  2. Hi Gordon!
    I think you’re talking about the Town Mayor plushie? If so, he’s in the furniture store for 750 coins. If you’re talking about something else, tell me which room it’s in out of the five and give me more detail.

  3. it must be the town mayor. you have him in the photo of the chest in this review, in one of your last photos. ūüôā

  4. Wonderful assessment of the game David!
    However, in my case, I am forever grateful that I do not have to “click” for hours, just to accommodate my friends pets, for points! Thank you Pet Society for releasing me from the madness of endless “clicking!”
    Pet Society is by far a much more interactive game! Also, one can achieve at one’s own pace without loosing out on all of the “goodies” available!

  5. Kimberley —
    There’s still a lot of clicking in Pet Society, but as you so rightly said, it isn’t mindless like it is in SPP. It’s much more interactive and fun in Pet Society. It’s a real game of immersion instead of one of just baby sitting a static image from week to week.

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