If you’re a professional screenwriter, there is one and only one, software package you need to help you find success in the marketplace:  Final Draft

I have been using Final Draft as my main software writing system for many years as writer and Script Professor and after using version 7 for the past few years, it is a great thrill and a delight to see Final Draft move up to version 8.

The look and feel of Final Draft 8 is refreshed and sleek.  On the Mac, Final Draft runs faster and better than the previous version.  Here’s the lowdown on some of the new features:

If you are serious about writing, then you should not be without the industry standard for script creation. 

Final Draft is proven in the marketplace and it works every single day in New York and Hollywood and beyond. 

Final Draft takes the technicality out of writing a screenplay so you can just concentrate on the writing and the storytelling.  Final Draft is your first, and only, necessary writing partner — and if you’ve been writing without it so far, you may have been surviving, but I guarantee you haven’t been thriving.


  1. It looks beautiful, David. I will have to give it a try. ūüôā

    1. David,

      Funny how we stumble upon comments to which we have not replied. Sorry! Nearly three years later I still have never had any versions of Final Draft.

          1. Welcome, back, stranger!

            Final Draft is the industry standard. They know it. They know we have to buy it. We pay to play and so they price it accordingly for their monopoly. SMILE! I can say that once you bite and buy, the upgrades have been pretty much free and you’re “in the club” so, for me anyway, it was worth every penny.

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