The Liberator: Using 3D Printers to Kill

If you had access to a 3D printer and could create only one thing out of plastic, from scratch, what would you make?  An implantable human ear replacement?  A filter for pumping clean water in thirsty third-world nations?  What about forming something fun and whimsical like, say, an acoustic guitar?  Or, would you take the tunnel of least resistance, and the road of the lowest common human morality, and choose to print a plastic gun for killing people?

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The Apple iBooks Author Review

When it comes to creative software, from my perspective, there are two important factors — the most important factors, really. They are ease of use and power — interdependent in that creative software can be good with one but not the other, yet not nearly as good when both are present. For example, Microsoft Paint is an easy to use program but all but the most skilled artists would find it difficult to make something really beautiful with it. Final Cut is one of the most powerful pieces of software for editing video but I have found it extremely difficult to do even the most simple task.

I am happy to say that I have found iBooks Author to be a perfect combination of ease of use and power. I have only had it since Sunday morning and I am already blown away by what I have been able to make with it. It is quite clear that Apple wants people to start making fun and educational iBooks right out of the box, excuse the antiquated expression.

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The Springpad for iPhone Review

I have been advised by many people in my life that the best way to keep myself focused and organized on a day-to-day, week to week and greater basis is to keep a to-do list. When I was younger I had a paper planner that had a special section meant for to-do lists. Unfortunately, I failed one of the basic tenets of to-do lists which is that a to-do list is not much use if you don’t check it a few times a day — otherwise, how will you make sure you are doing what you need to do?

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Movable Type Pro 4.21: Still Slow, Still Ugly

Yesterday, Pair Networks upgraded this Urban Semiotic blog — and and — to the new Movable Type Pro 4.21 and yet, despite the hype from Six Apart, I am surprised to report Movable Type just as slow and ugly as it ever was. 
Should it really take an hour and 21 minutes to republish 1,400 blog articles and 30,000 comments?

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My iPhone 1.0 was Bricked by iPhone 2.0 Software

On Friday, Apple released the second generation iPhone with 3G — iPhone 2.0, if you will — and it was an unmitigated disaster in every sense for any sensible person that values time over dilly-dallying and working over standing in line.

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Final Cut Studio 5.1 Review

Final Cut Studio 5.1 Final Cut Studio 5.1 is the newest powerhouse editing and production suite from Apple.
With Final Cut Studio 5.1 by your side you can edit, produce and distribute professional quality video.
After recovering from the sticker-shock of shelling out $1,200.00 USD for Final Cut Studio 5.1, you immediately begin to see the magic of the suite and the fact that Final Cut Studio 5.1 now works natively on Intel-Macs as a Universal Application makes life even faster and sweeter!

Make sure you check the technical requirements for Final Cut Studio 5.1 before you buy because you will need a lot of horsepower to run this suite on your machine.
With Final Cut Studio 5.1 you have — at your trembling fingertips — the same software professional movie makers and television programs use to create their shows. 

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