Final Cut Studio 5.1 Final Cut Studio 5.1 is the newest powerhouse editing and production suite from Apple.
With Final Cut Studio 5.1 by your side you can edit, produce and distribute professional quality video.
After recovering from the sticker-shock of shelling out $1,200.00 USD for Final Cut Studio 5.1, you immediately begin to see the magic of the suite and the fact that Final Cut Studio 5.1 now works natively on Intel-Macs as a Universal Application makes life even faster and sweeter!

Make sure you check the technical requirements for Final Cut Studio 5.1 before you buy because you will need a lot of horsepower to run this suite on your machine.
With Final Cut Studio 5.1 you have — at your trembling fingertips — the same software professional movie makers and television programs use to create their shows. 

You can buy your way into the upper echelon of film and television
production with Final Cut Studio 5.1.
Technology is the great equalizer. Talent and ambition are now no
longer tempered by geographic location or by ongoing sky-high
production costs. If you have the hardware to run Final Cut Studio 5.1
you have same means to create greatness as the major motion picture
production houses.

The fact that Final Cut Studio 5.1 weighs in at 20 pounds — yes,
TWENTY — is your first sign Final Cut Studio 5.1 is serious business.
The weight comes from eight — yes, EIGHT — giant user manuals, nine
— yes, NINE — install and tutoring CD/DVDs and the whole thing takes
around three — yes, THREE — hours to install on a MacBook Pro!
Amazon’s description of Final Cut Studio 5.1
is deep and excellent so I’ll let you read the Amazon review of Final
Cut Studio 5.1 that includes Final Cut Pro 5 for editing, Soundtrack
Pro for adding music, Motion 2 for adding animated graphics, DVD Studio
Pro 4 for authoring professional DVDs and Compressor 2 for creating
web-ready programs and for crunching down big file size programs into a
manageable size for distribution.

Final Cut Studio 5.1 is a magnificent value for the price and if you
take advantage of the entire scope of opportunity Final Cut Studio 5.1
offers, your dramatic productions will sing with a professional grace
and an elegant sophistication that was previously just out of reach for
many artists.


  1. That’s a lot of money. Is it really worth $1,200? On Apple’s site it’s $1,300.

  2. Hi stevens!
    Welcome to the blog!
    You’re right it is a lot of money. You’re getting a lot of manuals and at least four separate programs for that price, though. You buy in once and you’re good to go from then on.
    If you buy from apple you’ll pay $1,300. If you buy from a place like Amazon you’ll pay under $1,200.
    I think the power of the suite makes it worth the long-term investment.

  3. It runs okay on a MacBook Pro. If I were doing this full time or if I had a critical project that was ongoing I’d probably spring for a G6 and load it up with HDD space and lots of memory to make it all run just a little better.

  4. Hmmmm, I should show this to my partner. He currently works in the Film and Television Industry as a lighting technician, but is hoping eventually to edit films. (As a little plug here, he got his first official screen credit for the work he did on X-Men 3 – The Last Stand)
    Unfortunately, there isn’t a whole lot of Editing work going in Vancouver right now, and he still has to build a demo reel, but this editing suite could come in VERY handy once he gets his Mac.
    Thanks for sharing David 😀

  5. Hi Dawn!
    With the right Mac and Final Cut Studio 5.1 your partner can open his own video editing/production business from home! He can shoot in HD and edit it in HD and burn pro-style DVDs and set his own price and pay for all the gear and software in six months!
    Congrats on the X-Men 3 credit! Very cool!

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