On Bill Murray Preventing a Train Wreck

When I was a child, I vividly remember my father telling me about the life cycle of an artist. There are only so many stories an artist has to tell and after that it is all repetition and rehashing of stories that he or she has already told. When that time comes, it is incumbent on the artist to recognize this and step aside for other artists to come and tell their stories.  This recognition does not get acknowledged when it takes place in the film industry. Based on some of the dreck that has been excreted upon the silver screen in the last handful of years some would say there is oblivion in this department. Not so with SuperGenius Bill Murray, who starred in the two Ghostbusters films and does not seem too keen in helping a third one get made.

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How to Fix a Script

Scripts are written to be broken.  Scripts get shattered in process by misunderstood meaning, poor plot development and shoddy character formation — and that’s all before a director even reads the thing! 

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Yoostar is the Future of Movies

If you haven’t visited Yoostar.com yet, I strongly urge you to head on over there and meet your future maker: Your stardom awaits you!  You see, Yoostar is the future of movie making where you can replace an actor in a scene with your own dang self!  On July 12, 2006, I predicted this would happen in an article titled — Are Actors Necessary: Negotiating Future Dead Rights — and now you can be the future of movies as well as rewriting the history of cinema.  Here’s Snoop Dogg acting in an old Abbot and Costello movie.  Eerie, eh?

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I am a Plumber Not a Painter

In one of my many lives, I am a Script Doctor — but I call myself a Script Professor because I think that editorial and writing process should be evolutionary and not surgical if you really want to provide an everlasting value for the money spent.

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No Place for Non-Believers in Mitt’s America

Yesterday, GOP candidate for president Mitt Romney — some call him the Frankenstein “Herman Munster” cartoon candidate, and I will let you decide in the images below if they are monster twins or not — made it clear if you do not have a religion, if you do not covet a faith, there is no place for you in his Mormon America.

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