If you haven’t visited Yoostar.com yet, I strongly urge you to head on over there and meet your future maker: Your stardom awaits you!  You see, Yoostar is the future of movie making where you can replace an actor in a scene with your own dang self!  On July 12, 2006, I predicted this would happen in an article titled — Are Actors Necessary: Negotiating Future Dead Rights — and now you can be the future of movies as well as rewriting the history of cinema.  Here’s Snoop Dogg acting in an old Abbot and Costello movie.  Eerie, eh?

Here is the original scene with both Abbot and Costello, sans Dogg:

Yoostar is a sophisticated software and hardware program that uses computers, a green screen and magic to make you over.

It’s going to cost you $170 to buy in to the program.  You will get a high-res webcam, a remote and a green screen.  Then you buy movie clips that cost anywhere from one dollar to four dollars.

You will also need a pretty powerful computer to do the actor replacing — and the editing and the technology is in its early stages — so you’re bound to find some bugs in the software.

I love the idea of Yoostar — as democracy and socialism are brought bright and hard into the land of the beautiful and untalented — and I hope you do, too!


  1. Are you going to buy the Yoostar? I’m certainly intrigued but I’d rather wait until the price goes down a little. 🙂

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