If you have an iPhone, you have a Panopticonic and wanton need for speed whether you admit it or not!  The best way to express that need is by typing “Speedtest.net” into your iPhone Safari browser and then immediately installing the iPhone App that presents itself to you.
I was shocked — SHOCKED! — to see my connected speed from Jersey City to the Secaucus test server. 1538 kbps down and 114 kbps up is astonishingly good — but would those speeds last — nay, COULD they at last last?

I decided to further test my iPhone speed by connecting to a server in New York.  It was also three miles away from me just like the Secaucus server.

The speed didn’t last.


The download speed in New York was less than half of the Secaucus test I had done seconds before.  Was I surprised?  No.  Did I expect the wild change in readings?  Of course!  We’re on the AT&T network!

Did I ever see that fast of a download speed again?


Here are the Results History from my battery of speed tests. 

If you click on an arrow, you will get the details of the server you were testing.

Here’s the redacted report of one of my tests.

Scroll down the screen for details. 

I can email the result if I’m so inclined.

If you have an iPhone, you’re addicted to speed — and if you have the Speedtest.net App on your iPhone — you will quickly, and deservedly, become addicted to testing.


  1. I’m looking forward to trying it tonight when I get back to the Kew G. Today had to be the day I left my phone in the apartment! 🙂 It looks like a great app.

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