SpeedTest on Your iPhone

If you have an iPhone, you have a Panopticonic and wanton need for speed whether you admit it or not!  The best way to express that need is by typing “Speedtest.net” into your iPhone Safari browser and then immediately installing the iPhone App that presents itself to you.
I was shocked — SHOCKED! — to see my connected speed from Jersey City to the Secaucus test server. 1538 kbps down and 114 kbps up is astonishingly good — but would those speeds last — nay, COULD they at last last?

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New York City iPhone 3GS Review

For a long time, I did not think this day would ever come. I thought I would surely be using my Blackberry 8700c for years to come. (That review, by the way, is the reason I bought the phone!) Then, as time passed, things began to deteriorate. It just didn’t run as well as it used to. Then came the day on which I couldn’t turn the phone on at all, and I discovered that now if I wanted to turn on the phone from an off state, I had to completely remove the battery and put it back in. Then the scroll wheel started skipping. I decided that it was time for a new phone, and since I knew that Apple has been releasing new hardware in June I decided to wait for what I was sure was going to be the new iPhone 3GS.

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Peggle My Heart

Finding an iPhone game that is fun, playable and everlasting is a
chore I have struggled to overcome.  Sure, there are lots of fun games
for the iPhone, but only Peggle is a game I have played and won
and then re-played again and again.  Once you beat the game, you can call on all your in game character friends to specialize in your continued destruction towards the win.

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iPhone 3GS Recantation

I recently vowed I would not be upgrading to the new iPhone 3GS after adopting the first two versions of the phone.  I am now thrilled to recant the argument of that previous article and announce my new 3GS phone is now a beauty to be held right here in my hands!

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