I recently vowed I would not be upgrading to the new iPhone 3GS after adopting the first two versions of the phone.  I am now thrilled to recant the argument of that previous article and announce my new 3GS phone is now a beauty to be held right here in my hands!

My longing for a 3GS started when our Gordon Davidescu bought one — he is currently working on an in-depth first time user review for publication in the Boles Blogs Network — quickly followed by several of Janna’s friends.

My reputation as a technological edge cutter was in jeopardy! 

I logged into my AT&T account and saw my early upgrade option was finally active, and the fact I could order my phone online and have it delivered to my home made me feel like a Big Boy again and I wouldn’t have to stand in any more ridiculous lines just to be well-liked and popular.

The new iPhone 3GS feels like an immediate improvement the second it lands in your hands.  The glass screen hides face grease and fingerprints much better than the previous versions.

Upgrading was invisible.  I used the backup for my iPhone 3G to set up my 3GS and it worked fine.  I lost nothing — not even my personalized Voice Mail greeting! 

I called AT&T to activate the upgraded phone and I was active in less than 60 seconds.

The 3GS is extremely fast.  It has a louder speaker.  The battery lasts forever.

Some people are reporting their 3GS phones get really hot.  Mine does not.  I played games and listened to Pandora and made lengthy calls and the phone never became any hotter than my 3G.

Overall, the 3GS may appear to be a small update to the 3G, but it is a richer, faster, more better iPhone — and certainly worth the money to step up.  I love the Voice Commands, Maps/Compass combo and being able to make movies and send them to friends and family.

Now, if only AT&T would join the rest of the world and enable MMS, the iPhone 3GS will finally be worth the price of my envy.


  1. Great review, David. I hope my own will be worth of the Boles Blogs name! 🙂
    How long does your battery usually last – and how much time do you spend on the phone between calls and app usage?

  2. I’m sure your review will be great, Gordon!
    The 3GS battery is supposed to last half a day longer than the 3G and the 3G would last me a day of SMSing, email, surfing, RSS, calls and playing with Apps.
    If you travel in and out of service areas, however, you will give your battery a shorter life. AT&T is supposed to turn on the 850 band soon to help give better coverage:
    Don’t forget you get free AT&T WiFi hotspot browsing with your new phone:

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