Coke Blak.

Wrinkled Pepsi Penis.

Green Tea Coke.

Pepsi Shiso is a “minty” Pepsi.  Do you drink it or gargle it?

These desperate soda flavors speak to the international discontent that is crushing us all.

Instead of looking for happiness in ourselves and satiety in others; we instead choose to be mauled by mainstream marketing schemes that try to provide an escape from our everyday, ordinary, lifeless, lives.

Open your mouth.

Don’t say, “Ahhhh.”

Spit, don’t swallow.

Is it Pepsi or a dental exam?


  1. In all fairness to Pepsi, they are actually following along with an ages old trend in Japan to have weird flavors for things. There has been a green tea kit kat available there for years and bananas in all sorts of places where bananas just don’t belong. 🙂 It certainly doesn’t fit in here, however. (That of course doesn’t mean that I am not intrigued to try it! 🙂 )

  2. That’s a good point, Gordon, but I can’t help but think all these variations on Pepsi dilute the main flavor branding. The new “real sugar” Pepsi is hugely popular here in the USA, but you can’t readily find it online or in stores… so what’s the point of hitting that advertising so hard?

  3. I am convinced they want real sugar pepsi to fail – so that they can then say that nobody wanted it and go back to pure unadulterated corn syrup hell. I got a 12 pack in Brooklyn – Brookyln! If I would have had a trolley I would have filled it as it was $2.50! 🙂
    12 real sugar pepsis is much more affordable than the indie brands that I would otherwise get. Then again, not drinking soda at all would be the healthiest. 🙂 (But who wants to do that?)

  4. I’m with you on putting real sugar back into every product, Gordon. Corn Syrup is cheaper to use, but it is killing any sense of healthiness we used to have in the USA.

  5. Being half Japanese, I completely agree with Gordon on the strange stuff in odd places (corn on pizza in Japan is very popular, don’t ask, I didn’t get it either being also raised in the US). Shiso is kind of freaky with the green tea since I associate it with well, cooked food. Like those bananas, stuff does show up in odd places. I recently had the chance to try a real Dublin Dr. Pepper & think that I am still on a sugar high from it to this day but the flavor was amazing & I don’t even like Dr. Pepper usually. And as a child, having had & made KoolAid with TONS of sugar in it, we are all still living & breathing…I usually had the Kool Aid & Tang with my Quisp cereal or totally sugar laden Pop Tarts, riding my bike (sans helment) & still turned out okay.

  6. Love those memories!
    I can’t remember having pop with real sugar. I must try to find some.
    Corn on pizza seems overly sweet to me, but I know a Hawaiian pizza includes pineapple, so I guess there is a case for sweet against a pseudo-sour.
    Kool Aid was basically cup upon cup of sugar, right? What a crazy childhood we had swimming in all that white sugar! SMILE!

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