Finding an iPhone game that is fun, playable and everlasting is a
chore I have struggled to overcome.  Sure, there are lots of fun games
for the iPhone, but only Peggle is a game I have played and won
and then re-played again and again.  Once you beat the game, you can call on all your in game character friends to specialize in your continued destruction towards the win.

Peggle is both impossible and easy.  The trick of the game is to “shoot” — sort of like pinball — a ball to knock out all the orange pegs in order to move to the next level. 

The challenge is to aim, anticipate and take your shot before the opportunity passes.

I started playing Peggle on my old iPhone 3G and the game ran fine; but Peggle really screams and loads so much faster on my iPhone 3GS and that speed increase alone demonstrates the rationale for upgrading your iPhone!

Peggle will cost you five dollars in the iPhone App store and I urge you to hand over your hard earned dollars because Peggle is worth every single penny.


  1. I liked Peggle on the PC and it looks like I may have to bite and get it on my phone as well 🙂

  2. I’ve never played the PC version, Gordon, but the iPhone version of Peggle is hours of fun. What’s great is you can play, and find success, in as little as a minute. The more challenging levels are never frustrating. They just redefine fun in a new way. The game has a great design and feel to it. A real delight.

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