Putting PingTest to the Test

If you love SpeedTest, then you will really love PingTest! As the internets get faster and as broadband becomes a basic way of life in our personal and public lives, knowing how your local computer is competing — quality wise — with the rest of the world in delivering rich content, is important.

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SpeedTest on Your iPhone

If you have an iPhone, you have a Panopticonic and wanton need for speed whether you admit it or not!  The best way to express that need is by typing “Speedtest.net” into your iPhone Safari browser and then immediately installing the iPhone App that presents itself to you.
I was shocked — SHOCKED! — to see my connected speed from Jersey City to the Secaucus test server. 1538 kbps down and 114 kbps up is astonishingly good — but would those speeds last — nay, COULD they at last last?

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