If you love SpeedTest, then you will really love PingTest! As the internets get faster and as broadband becomes a basic way of life in our personal and public lives, knowing how your local computer is competing — quality wise — with the rest of the world in delivering rich content, is important.

PingTest doesn’t just deal with the speed of your internets connection.  It helps you determine the actual quality of your connection by giving you a variety of tested parameters.

PingTest also “grades” your internets connection on a sliding scale so you can precisely know how well your broadband is behaving online.

If you are experiencing Packet Loss, PingTest will tell you that, too, and even offer remedies.

If you don’t know what a “Ping” is — PingTest gives you a quite fine mini-tutorial explaining it all.

“Jitter” is a new term when it comes to defining the context of a suitable broadband connection and PingTest gives you the ability to judge your jitter status, too:

PingTest is a delight to use and the information you get can help determine the quality of your broadband connection and what steps you need take to fix it if you earn a failing grade.


  1. I’m looking forward to testing this tonight. I’m convinced that my Vista machine has a worse connection than Elizabeth’s XP machine even though we are connected to the same router.

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