In what can only be called “In the Spirit of Revenge,” cheating John Edwards‘ wife Elizabeth is coming out of her cancer haze to fling one last round of loathing against his infidelity as a husband and his immorality as a father.  In case you need a reminder of Edwards’ public sin, here’s the splash headline from the National Enquirer showing his mistress and alleged love child.  

Here’s the Fox News rendition of the first birthday party for the Edwards love child:

We can’t control the bad taste of the middling media, but we can manage our own baseless desires for revenge and punishing and Elizabeth Edwards is, once again, taking John into the public woodshed for another moral lashing in the pages of a new book, an appearance on Oprah on Thursday and in a photo spread for Time magazine.

Why must Elizabeth Edward create a second act for a one-act drama no one wants to attend?

Like Christie Brinkley before her, Ms. Edwards values revenge more than she loves her children.

There is no point in re-visiting what is done; nothing good can come from Elizabeth churning up the hatred for her husband in public unless, of course, it brings pleasure to her loathing of him and, I’m afraid, that’s the lesson — nay, the legacy — that she will forever leave behind, in print and in virtual bytes, re-branding her children as the offspring of an adulterer and re-cementing her bad judgment in choosing a faithless spouse and reminding us all again of her sad and everlasting inability to reckon with her own failings in private as a spurned woman who was too frightened to remove the torturer from her life.


  1. I’m going to guess that the big bucks never hurt. (It seems that the want for money never ends for some)

  2. Gordon —
    But the Edwards won all their money by taking on big tobacco! If she really needs money, and not the attention, then I feel even more sorry for her.

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