Why We Do Not Fear Sarah Palin

If you say anything negative about Sarah Palin — or her fruitless brood on the internets — there are the “Sarah Defenders” who will clamber out of their rat holes to heel by her side and give it to you in email while insulting you with rabid commentary.  We have the “Obama Effect” and we have the “Palin Frenzy” and I will choose effectiveness over rapture every time.

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Elizabeth Edwards and Her Everlasting Loathing

In what can only be called “In the Spirit of Revenge,” cheating John Edwards‘ wife Elizabeth is coming out of her cancer haze to fling one last round of loathing against his infidelity as a husband and his immorality as a father.  In case you need a reminder of Edwards’ public sin, here’s the splash headline from the National Enquirer showing his mistress and alleged love child.  

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Escape from Wikipedia Mountain

We loathe Wikipedia because it is so widely used by students and because it is so easily corrupted with purposeful lies and mistruths.  Wikipedia serves mass sycophancy — not secular scholarship — and that is its fatal flaw.

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TVP & Y2K: Revenge of the Luddite

Imagine my dismay when I called The Mail Order Company to purchase a few pounds of dry Textured Vegetable Protein (TVP) — for re-constituted use as a meat substitute in my Vegan cooking life — and being told delivery would take three to four weeks! Ouch! I was told that discouraging news after being on hold for twenty minutes (and being disconnected twice) because they were so busy taking orders.

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