If you say anything negative about Sarah Palin — or her fruitless brood on the internets — there are the “Sarah Defenders” who will clamber out of their rat holes to heel by her side and give it to you in email while insulting you with rabid commentary.  We have the “Obama Effect” and we have the “Palin Frenzy” and I will choose effectiveness over rapture every time.

If you choose to criticize Palin, the first thing her “defenders” do is call you names.  They accuse you of being “scared of her” and “obsessed” and “in love” and “you know she’s more of a man than you’ll ever be.”

Even a calm comments stream about a Palin advertising documentary will quickly turn rancid when the Palin pets show up to close down the barn.

I’m here to tell all the Palin lovers that we — who write negatively about her as a person, a mother, and as a living political cartoon — are not scared of her.  We know her.  We’ve seen her kind before.  We understand she is an uneducated, know-nothing, bully.

We know this, because we have seen her before in the charade of the George W. Bush presidency — and our nation suffered under his simpleton, inarticulate and spineless leadership for eight years — and we vowed to ourselves, and to each other, to never tolerate another fool like that again.

We are all honor bound to expose Sarah Palin’s lies and to needfully grind away at her felicitous public image — polished into a shiny turd by the “lamestream media” she so claims to hate — and we do this because we know America cannot afford any more wars or any more cuts in the social fabric if we ever hope to survive in a world economy.

We know America is desperate and searching and that’s how conservative polyglots and servile sycophants prop up a Trojan Horse presidency — so the lie in the wood can do their evil bidding behind closed prison doors — and we refuse to sit back and be quiet and let it all happen all over again in another stolen presidential election.

We are stalwart.  We are warning beacons.  We are the living evidence for: “Never Again!”


  1. I’m no Palin fan, but I do want to point out some information here.

    For every “rancid” attack a Palin supporter kicks out, there are plenty of Obamanationals that spew forth the same vitriol. Trust me, I’ve been the recipient of plenty of this. Names, stereotypes, falsehood, it all get shoveled in. It’s how radicals work (read Alinsky’s book). However, I point you to this: “We understand she is an uneducated, know-nothing, bully.” I’d say there was some name-calling in your very diatribe, and I might point you to the mirror prior to you continuing your thought process.

    Another distinction: Palin is not Bush. Bush was for big government and wealth redistribution. On the social side, they were similar, but deferred their issues to the states to decide, so this does not affect many.

    What I find from so many on your side of the spectrum is irony. Here is a self-made mother of 5 that has risen to one of the highest positions available in politics, then launched herself into a powerbroker role and a potential presidential candidate. What happened to women’s equality? Do we only support women that married someone, took their name, and had their husband campaign for them to get them elected?

    Why try to bring this woman down? If she’s so undereducated, wouldn’t she just do it on her own?

    I’d say frankly, you fear her.

    1. LOUDelf —

      If you want to continue to post comments on this blog, you will have to use your verifiable Real Name as per our Comments Policy. We don’t allow anonymous cowards to comment here for a multiplicity of reasons and we do not publish every comment submitted for publication.

      I’m publishing your comment because you so perfectly prove, on every level, what is most disappointing and nasty about the Palin defenders. You accuse insults while insulting and you feign outrage when you cull outrageousness. You are as duplicitous as the woman you willingly chose to come here and defend and we are not surprised, or forsaken by, any of it because, as I argue in my article, we already know what you’re going to do before you do.

      Palin is uneducated. She attended many colleges, but education is an ongoing effort that must be honed and divined every single day.

      Palin is a know-nothing.

      Palin is a bully.

      My evidence for those truths come directly from Palin’s own mouth.

      Palin is Bush in that they hold the same lack of intellectual curiosity to learn what they do not know. I want a smart president who knows history and who understands that intelligence and wonder are primary forces in creating effective government.

      Palin quit as Alaska governor. She’ll never outrun that self-inflicted wound and, in quitting, she proved precisely who and what she was and is — and shall ever be — in that incredible betrayal of those who voted to place her in office.

      It’s because of “women’s equality” that we are even aware of Palin and she has clearly used her sexuality and gender to propel her forward through each major milestone in her life.

      1. David,

        I’m not anonymous, as my blog link is in my name. Also, the administrator can see my email address.

        “Coward”, “duplicitious”(i.e. liar), etc. Aren’t these names? Isn’t this what you accuse her defenders of? I first directed your attention to the name-calling of your subject: Palin, and suddenly I get them leveled me. Ironic, don’t you think? Had you ever read my blog, you’d know I don’t like the woman, but what I despise way more is hypocrisy… which I’ve read here, and pointed out, only to be called “duplicitous”. Additionally, someone (you) assumed (you know about that word) and linked me in as one of her “defenders”, which would be a stretch even a fantasy world, but who needs facts or reality, right? You can just target someone, make your point, defile those who disagree (just as the “defenders” you hate so much), and repeat it louder with no basis on fact but just opinion. Very constructive.

        1. Well, LOUDelf, your comment requires publishing again because you so easily prime the Plain Supporter Stereotype tank with your misdirection and misleading arguments — and I am duty-bound to take the opportunity you provide for correcting the record — at least for now.

          You are anonymous here. We have no idea who you are or what your real name is or why you chose, of your own free will, to land here and defend Sarah Palin and her family. You started this comments flow, not us, and your ongoing, indignant, commentary — requires our attention and tending — and we do not shrink from your ongoing attacks. We’re not certain why you want this fight, but since you insist on continuing to throw down, we’ll abide you — at least for now.

          Our readers want to know your name, and they shouldn’t have to dig outside of this blog to find it. We stand by our words here. We attach meaning to our verifiable identities. Those who use fake names, and other monikers, to snipe at people from a blog’s comments area are considered “anonymous cowards” and a search on that term will reveal that is a common and factual, colloquial label, for people on the web who choose to post comments under presumed identities. People who sign their real name to their comments are almost always much kinder and straightforward and human; you can have a dialogue with them that is helpful and instructive to both sides. Those who use fake names are, indeed, the definition of duplicitous. You chose to come here an invent a character and post under a mask of deceit, not us.

          I am the administrator of this blog. An email address is not your name and confirms nothing. The whole of it all helps to confirm a presence. Bits don’t bite the entire being. I won’t reveal your email address here, but I will tell our readers that your IP address indicates you are coming at us from a Comcast.net box located in Holliston, Massachusetts. That city will, momentarily, be an important clue in the puzzling of your identity. We reveal this in an effort to identify who you are in your real life and not who you pretend to be online since you continued to come at us with your cartoon façade firmly in place even when we asked you not to…

          Our search for who you really are, of course, necessarily leads us to a public WHOIS search on the domain name you have linked to your comments — http://loudelf.com — and here are the public returns of that search that anyone on the internet can perform at any time using the information you have willingly and openly attached to your comments:

          Domain name: LOUDELF.COM

          Administrative Contact:
          Bowie, Matt newdomains@siteground.com
          906 Highland
          Holliston, MA 01746

          Technical Contact:
          Bowie, Matt newdomains@siteground.com
          906 Highland
          Holliston, MA 01746

          So are you Matt Bowie, or not? If you are — why continue to use a fake name to comment here? The email address listed in the WHOIS returns is not the email address you used to post your comments.

          If you are not Matt — then you can see why people posting under fake identities is a problem in an open forum.

          I have no interest in reading your blog. I only read what you posted here as Sarah Palin’s defender, and I have responded to you in kind with the same energy and intention that you aimed at us. If you don’t like the result, perhaps you might want to consider changing your approach.

  2. On Saturday Night Live, there was a sketch showing various political figures and their Christmas wishes — President Obama dreams of Palin running for president in 2012. Does that say it all?

    1. Yes, I argued the same dream, Gordon!

      Obama has only two hopes for re-election in 2012 — and he’ll run again because of his Race, his historic mandate, and the need to not be a quitter in the midst of a mess he did not create — and his first hope is Sarah Palin as the Republican candidate and his second hope is that Iran presses their nuclear wants a bit too far.

      With Sarah Palin as his opposition, droves of people will tumble from their soft beds and potato couches to vote — not for him, but against her — and he’ll win in a landslide.

      Some pundits say the GOP elders will never allow Palin to run — I think the money people on the conservative side see Palin as a fame-hungry puppet who would be easy to manipulate for their private profiteering. She’s the perfect façade candidate for the invisible powers.

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