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Carceral Nation

The Problem with Hillary is Bill’s Penis

There. I said in the headline of this article what Donald Trump has been bumping up against all this week — “Hillary is unelectable because her husband’s penis ruined his presidency and our America” — and, in many respects, that argument is uncomfortably right on target, especially for those of us who are old enough, and wizened enough, to remember the Bad Old Days of the Clinton presidency that ended mired in vaginal cigar penetration and accusations of rape against a sitting president.

Even Hillary’s odd and off-putting campaign logo for 2016 can be semiotically read as an erect, red, penis — not just the tip penetrating a blue barrier — but plunging through it as well. From the moment I saw that awful campaign logo I knew she was in trouble. Either someone on Hillary’s staff is playing with her, or she really is as bad a personality-less campaigner as she claims.

Who the hell wants to relive Bill Clinton penis stories for the next six months? And yet that’s the legacy before us as Hillary reminds us of his angry, red, act every day with that penetrating cock logo!

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Urban Semiotic

Lying about Exporting Jobs for Votes

The day after it was declared that President Obama was re-elected, I stopped getting e-mails from family about why he shouldn’t be re-elected and started getting e-mails about why it just wasn’t fair that he was re-elected — that it was only because the race was about “unimportant” issues like rape and women’s rights instead of the only important issue — the economy. If the race had only been run on the basis of the economy issue, I believe that President Obama still would have won, because he had an economic plan that was not the exact same one that got us deep in trouble in the first place.

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Governor Christie Gives Thanks Where It Is Due

It seemed like a long time ago in a state not too far away from me (New Jersey, close in heart and with much family) a governor named Chris Christie told eager listeners that the President of the United States, Barack Obama, was similar to a person who was stumbling around in a dark room looking for a light switch. He was a leader incapable of leading, and as such did not deserve the presidency that he won. That was, in fact, only about two weeks ago — but then something unexpected happened.

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If the Electoral College Were Abolished

The original formation of the Electoral College for the purpose of selecting the President and Vice President of the United States once every four years had very solid reasoning behind it. There was a fear that people had poor access to information and that they would perhaps be biased to vote for whomever was running for the office from their state, and so there would be a number of people representing each state and no real decision made about who should be the next president. That may have been fine for that time period, but we are living in an age of information that is readily available — even if that information is about what the housemates of Big Brother are doing at any given time.

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Celebrity Semiotic

What Can Be Done about Election Year Insanity?

With every presidential election, the insanity that seems to permeate the air and is transmitted across the country in an almost memeingful manner gets more and more out of touch with reality and goes further and deeper into its own outer space. One candidate bashes the other about an issue while conveniently sweeping under the rug the issues he or she has had with that very issue in the past — and despite how quickly information is disseminated, e-mails seem to be used now more to spread lies than truths. Just this last weekend my father forwarded me an e-mail claiming that there would be a sales tax on all home sales as part of the new healthcare laws and asked me to verify it — and I managed to debunk it fairly quickly.

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Carceral NationUrban Semiotic

Do Republicans Want to Win the Presidential Election Next Year?

Debate after debate, advertisement after advertisement, confession after sordid confession, I have to really ask myself right now — does the Republican Party have any actual interest in winning the Presidential election next year? The answer seems to be no, and I submit the following reasons in the form of candidates past and present, whether actual candidates or just perceived by people (and the media) to be likely candidates.

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United Stage

Obama Dedicates the Man in Granite

Yesterday, President Obama dedicated the dramatic 30-foot high Martin Luther King, Jr. memorial emerging out of granite, and that moment of unveiling was a grand indicator of how far we’ve come in a short time and oh how so much much farther we have to travel together.

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