There comes a moment in a lifetime where there are no choices left except to stand up to a demon, face the torture of the confrontation, and either accept your death, or condemn your victory. Some fortunate folk in the world may never have to make that choice between the devil and the doom. Unfortunately, for us, we who live in America, that time for the deconstruction of the “them,” and resurrection of the “us,” is now; right now, and we either die trying to escape, or we earn the right to live free again under the magnificent wonder of what we once always believed was a democracy.

Yes, it’s time to vote. We have to vote with a radicalism and a passion that no one can take from us or ever deny us again.

There’s a reason some don’t want all votes counted, and that’s because when the people stand up as one together, authoritarianism, and repression, and hatred, may find no purchase; but when we are silenced, and when we are dismayed, and when we lose progression into the future, and we stay at home, and remain disengaged, we lose everything.

We lose the sense of self and community and those losses cannot be easily won back once they’re lost, because once we give up who we are, and what we mean to the world, we have allowed others among us to redefine us in their place, instead of ours; and that means a loss of fair representation that then leans into a dictatorship instead of a political philosophy that the vote of the people leads the world back into decency.

These people who have pushed us around since 2016 need to be removed from the influence of us, and their deeds wiped from the face of the earth.

The wave of enablers who helped make this disaster of a presidency real, must be completely demolished both in reputation and in sweet sleep. There is no other way to accomplish this other than to reverse time and re-do everything that has been undone. When it comes to the life of a nation, never forgive, never forget those who threatened us with death.

Redemptive revenge must be wrought upon them with the same vengeance with which they tried to kill us with economic policy, international criminal activity, and the release of an unchecked pandemic.

As William Tecumseh Sherman said in 1860, after bursting into tears upon learning his beloved South Carolina had seceded from the Union —

You think you can tear to pieces this great Union without war! But I tell you there will be blood shed — and plenty of it! And God only knows how it will end.

— so too must we now declare the shedding of a bloodletting against those who have treacherously led us into a dark path over the last four years.

Yes, this is our one chance, not for only dutiful revenge, but for retribution against the untended democracy of human morality.

This vote is our opportunity to set our future right by revoking history with a modern day apparition, all while our shed blood is collected, and tested, and discovered, and determined in a fight we did not wish for, or want, but that we must now overcome together, and alone, and without the help of a government who condemned us to ignorance and to not knowing.

Moral character matters.

We need to know those we elect can be trusted, and if there is no morality, or trust, invested back in us — the us of us — for our righteous belief, then we must remand relief; but when the corrupt are surrounded by the even more wilful corruptible, where is there a chance for the common voice to speak out and up — except in the diligent distant patience for the next opportunity to overcome and vote out?

Right can’t wait. Wrong will wait.

Democracy done right is a steep and winding process that can befuddle and bemuse the best of us.

Every election is about timing. Is now the time to pull the lever? Or do we keep doing nothing, and hope something changes without our direct intervention? We cannot wait for good people to act while the soulless, and the immoral, are already at work tearing down the institutions that became us.

A friend of mine claims all elections are about parenting, and we vote for the parent we want to take care of us. If any little bit of that is true, then we must wonder what so many of us were thinking in 2016 — wondering why they’d rather anoint the madman father than the inscrutable mother — and then long, joyously, for what that choice wrought against us.

This election in 2020 is more than just about the father of our country. This election is about the family of consequence, and the need to overcome our voided deficits, and it is about reclaiming the right to take direct control of our self-determination in order to form a more perfect union.

You matter. Your choice matters. Please vote!