The Life of Your VOTE!

There comes a moment in a lifetime where there are no choices left except to stand up to a demon, face the torture of the confrontation, and either accept your death, or condemn your victory. Some fortunate folk in the world may never have to make that choice between the devil and the doom. Unfortunately, for us, we who live in America, that time for the deconstruction of the “them,” and resurrection of the “us,” is now; right now, and we either die trying to escape, or we earn the right to live free again under the magnificent wonder of what we once always believed was a democracy.

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Only One Man May Save Us from Donald Trump

America is in crisis. We are lost. We are hungry. We are hurting. We are ill. These troubles have arrived with the heavy hand of Donald Trump — who has yet to meet a policy, a decision, or a thought that he can’t successfully caress into hatred and bigotry. If we are ever to get out of this muck of a mistake of a President, we need our national elected leaders to lead. We need Republicans to step up to stand up and stand down Trump. With Trump isolated and emolliated, the union just may be salvageable. There is only one man right now who has the capacity, and the power, to save us from the complete destruction of a failed American democracy: Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell — but one nagging question remains and lingers — how long will he wait to finally do the right thing?

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Christine O'Donnell is Not a Witch Like Us

Christine O’Donnell is the Pro-Witch, Anti-Masturbation, Pro Teabagger, Republican Senate candidate in Delaware.  I have no idea how or why the GOP ever allowed her to con her way into such an important precipice moment — because fallow anger doesn’t ever make for good leadership.

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The Cowardly Kennedy

Caroline Kennedy, the last, living, princess of Camelot and the heir apparent for the ongoing propagation of the first Royal Political Family in the United States — the Bush Clan are the second — decided she was too frilly and delicate to be the knuckle-busting junior senator from the great State of New York.

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