Christine O’Donnell is the Pro-Witch, Anti-Masturbation, Pro Teabagger, Republican Senate candidate in Delaware.  I have no idea how or why the GOP ever allowed her to con her way into such an important precipice moment — because fallow anger doesn’t ever make for good leadership.

If you’ve ever heard Christine O’Donnell speak, you know she is weak and invisible:  She’s a palatable Sarah Palin — but she’s still unwise, uneducated and sadly problematic in understand how power and money are wed to win influence.

Bill Maher had Christine on his “Politically Incorrect” show over twenty times and here she is in 1999 discussing her witchcraft experience:

Bill warns us that Christine has the potential to be dangerous because, he argues, she is a “nice” Sarah Palin.  Where Palin is mean-spirited, Christine is always kind and gentle.  With the right GOP guard framing her to do their dirty bidding, O’Donnell is a much more controllable, and attractive front for Republican causes than Palin because O’Donnell might actually, one day, be electable.

However, O’Donnell becomes the worst of Sarah Palin when she condescends and preaches and prevaricates — just like the human troll Linda Tripp before her — as Crooks and Liars so exquisitely demonstrated two days ago:

This week, Delaware Republican Senate candidate and sworn enemy of masturbation Christine O’Donnell unveiled a new ad declaring, “I’m you.” But if that formula to reposition herself as an average American sounds hauntingly familiar, it should. After all, it was Linda Tripp, opposed as she was to presidential oral sex, who said the exact same thing after her 1998 testimony in the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

Here’s Christine trying to taint us with her outrageous — “I’m You!” — “witchiness” that guarantees her sinking political ship:

Christine O’Donnell also lied about her educational background — and while that probably doesn’t matter to her anti-intellectual, always angry, Tea Bagger base — it matters to the rest of us who religiously, and morally, served our minds to better our body of human understanding; and when you lie about one thing, you’re false in everything, and that’s why Christine O’Donnell is the perfect, punctuating, exclamation point to a dead movement that never had any mind, let alone heart, from the start.


  1. It saddens me that she may win because of Republican cries of “Jobs, jobs, jobs!” — meanwhile, the head of the RNC doesn’t even know how low the Federal minimum wage is.

    1. She’s pretty far behind in the polls. I don’t think she has a chance. I know Biden’s son is kicking himself for not running for his Senate seat this year. It was the perfect time to pick up that family chit.

      I don’t get the RNC. Yet half the country believe in them. It belies faith.

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