Caroline Kennedy, the last, living, princess of Camelot and the heir apparent for the ongoing propagation of the first Royal Political Family in the United States — the Bush Clan are the second — decided she was too frilly and delicate to be the knuckle-busting junior senator from the great State of New York.

We are only left to utter “good riddance” for leading us on with her interest and then her disinterest early yesterday and then her alleged recantation hours later and then her final refusal early this morning. 

If Caroline decided she didn’t want to represent New York, then she should clearly say that instead of blaming her decision to jump ship on uncle Teddy’s inauguration day seizure.  Don’t blame others for your own mistakes, Caroline.  Own your demons outrightly.

Perhaps she smelled Andrew Cuomo’s vengeful, hot breath, on her neck and instead of beating him back, decided to go lame before him and offering her bare neck for his feasting.

Or, perhaps she sensed she was the pick of privilege in the Age of Obama where the street wins the day and experience actually matters as evidenced in today’s NY Daily News poll:

Goodbye, princess Caroline, it’s probably best we remember you as you were instead of as you are — riding your pony Macaroni at the White House — while Neil Diamond secretly wrote love songs about you.


  1. I was disappointed when I found out that she was dropping out. She could have been great.

  2. Why do you think she would’ve been great, Gordon? What evidence is there in her public or private life that suggests she would be a great Senator?

  3. I’m not sure that she would have been great – just that she could have been. I think if you have a good family backing and support and are put in the right circumstances you can make something of yourself, even if you have limited background. Or, I could be completely wrong! 🙂

  4. It was such a waste of time, Gordon. She should’ve stayed in all the way even if she didn’t get the job just to keep her honor. She said she wanted the job. She should not have quit in such a weak way.

  5. There was quite a lot of negativity about her over here – ie her name was speaking louder than her capabilities or experience.

  6. I think that was the danger, Nicola: All name and no substance. She was threatened to expose the empty core of the sheen.
    When I heard her interview with the press and she used “you know” 46 times in five minutes, it was made instantly clear to me that she had been helped along a lot in life. A real scholar and intellectual with her credentials would never speak that poorly or show such little ability for basic, logical, thinking.

  7. “…you know, it’s good I realized I was not suitable for being a senator before becoming one…” – I thought I will tell the part she forgot to mention.
    I told one of my office colleagues once in reply to this “you know…” once –
    “you know, I don’t think I know…”
    I get so mad when I hear this.

  8. It is a funny phrase, Katha.
    I do think Caroline was “buried” by the conservative zeal in upper NY State. They still aren’t letting her up for a chance to breathe.

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