BulletFlight is a $12.00USD iPhone App that helps you take better aim so you can shoot to kill with your rifle.

BulletFlight might seem like a ridiculous, fantastic, notion, but the App is real.  I purchased it this morning from the iTunes store.  Here is the product description:

Here’s a shot from the Telegraph indicating how BulletFlight would be used in the field:

Scary stuff, eh?

Here are the interactive screens you use to tell BulletFlight how to help aim your sniper rifle:

Do we want to be able to purchase Sniper rifle software in the Apple iTunes store?

Apple banned software like iFart from the iPhone Apps store for being tasteless — until the Google Android phones were released and threatened market share — and now you can contribute to the $10,000.00USD a day iFart download bonanza.

Do we want the same purchase access to iFarts and perfectly aimed bullets?

Or are some iPhone Apps just too tasteless and too dangerous to continue selling just to pad the protective Apple coffers?


  1. Wow. Just wow. I don’t quite see any practical purpose of this application for most people with iphones. Why would they release something with a limited market like that? How many iphone users have a sniper rifle? It certainly is dangerous for those few who do have it.

  2. Right, Gordon! I have no idea why they sell this App but iFart was so roundly repressed as being “unsuitable” as an Apple App. What is the target audience for a Sniper Rifle aiming App? I don’t think there are many stooges like me who will buy just to write an article with self-captured screenshots…

  3. Interesting App David, but not sure if it is for the mass market…

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