Using Junecloud Delivery Status to Thwart Faked Delivery Attempts

One popular article I wrote for the Boles Blogs Network appeared in Celebrity Semiotic on  August 5, 2010 — Divorcing Amazon Prime Because of A-1 Courier Services Cheating — and that post is still going full-steam with comments, 315 as of this writing, with no end in stopping.  When an article like that stays on blast — it is usually fury and injustice that drives the popularity — all that, plus an excellent Google ranking for a search on “A-1 Courier” always helps.  There would be no searches without the rage, and so the hits, and the comments, keep coming against A-1.

In my replies for the article, I realized I should share my method for thwarting faked delivery attempts from FedEx and UPS and other companies.  Unfortunately, A-1 is not currently in my App cache, and I’m sure they would never want to be included because then their deceptive end game would be over.

I use Junecloud’s excellent Delivery Status on my Mac as a widget and on my iPhone and iPad as an App.  The widget and Apps all communicate with each other via the website, so each device is always in sync with the latest delivery updates and my day is saved in so many ways.

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Why I Quit Foursquare

Several months ago, our roommate Chad told us about a phone app called Foursquare that let him “check in” to places he went, allowing him to get virtual points and badges for accomplishing certain goals and granting him the title of “Mayor” when he visited a location and “checked in” more than anyone else had done at that particular location. I thought it was interesting enough and so I installed it on my phone as well. I made the decision a few days ago that I was going to uninstall the program from my phone as well as blocking it from my Twitter so that I would not see when people used it. Here is why I made this decision.

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Vox Mobile Catalog Review

I was toodling around the iTunes App store this morning, and when I did a search for “guitar amps,” I discovered the “Vox Mobile Catalog” for my iPhone and I was hooked the moment after the free download.

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Boles Blues Review in the iTunes App Store!

We love the Guitar World Lick of the Day and, this week, that keen program is the “iPad App of the Week” in the iTunes store.

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Guitar World Lick of the Day iPad App Review

Guitar World’s Lick of the Day is my newest, and most favorite, iPad App.  We love all sorts of Licks, but Lick of the Day delivers a unique Lick home to your hands for enjoyment and memorization without any effort on your part.

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The Comcast Xfinity iPad App Review

Sometimes Comcast does the right thing.  They recently upped their HDTV content and this week they released a new iOS App called — “Xfinity TV” — that lets you control your DVR and HDTV cable boxes from your iPad!

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Reviewing Awareness! for the iPhone

Awareness! is a new App for the iPhone that listens for danger for you while you lose yourself in your music.  The App only runs on iOS4, and when it is active, you get a bright, red, throbbing bar across the top of your iPhone screen at all times reminding you the App is active.  The only way to rid yourself of that annoying redness is to kill the App with a double click on the home button and then choose to close it as a live application.

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