If you have an iPhone, you can have a lot of fun with the ColorSplash app.   The app idea is a simple one:  Take any image, wash all of the color out of it and then selectively add back the color.

You add the color back with your fingertip.  You are not adding new color.  You are only adding back the original color you want put back into your image.

The effect, as you can see below, is wildly effective and even a bit spooky — and beware of your enemies!  Good looking young men can be made into fussy boys with just the right fingertip touches on the lips and hair!

ColorSplash reminds us how fun it is to play around with something to make it into a new, greater, thing.

It is pretty amazing how powerful colors are in our lives.  Black and grey are strong — but when color is selectively added back to the palette, you really begin to learn how color controls us and justifies actions and sets its own contexts.

Be wary of innocuous looking apps like ColorSplash — because they have a real and virile strength that is not easily defined, but is hardily felt right in the eye and down into the gut as it watches you and redefines your every aesthetic move.


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