Curse of Old Men: More Creepy than Funny

Unlike women, as men age, there’s a tendency to stigmatize our awful attempts at humor by branding us “creepy” or “perverted” or “just gross.”  Plant an unfunny line on a 20-year-old guy and a teenaged woman might giggle, while the same line said by a guy over 60, to the same young teen, begets the world breaking apart as the whole tone and timbre of the conversation changes to a perceived perversion.

Why is that?

Is there always some sort of unspoken sexual underpinning to every male-to-female interaction that cannot be denied or generationally negotiated?  Why doesn’t the curse cut the opposite way against older women who are labeled creepy and perverted in the same condition?

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Beware of ColorSplash for the iPhone

If you have an iPhone, you can have a lot of fun with the ColorSplash app.   The app idea is a simple one:  Take any image, wash all of the color out of it and then selectively add back the color.

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Why Men Are Funnier Than Women

In a recent Vanity Fair article — Why Women Aren’t Funny — author Christopher Hitchens explains why men are funnier than women: They had better be if they wish to survive. Hitchens evolutionarily argues men posses a genetic need to be funny in order to deal with their inadequacy in creating life. They cannot bear children, so they become jesters who are forced to entertain the Woman/God into opening up and allowing them consideration in fatherhood and the opportunity to deposit their humor for fertilization and propagation.

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