I was toodling around the iTunes App store this morning, and when I did a search for “guitar amps,” I discovered the “Vox Mobile Catalog” for my iPhone and I was hooked the moment after the free download.

I love how the first experience you have with the Vox Mobile Catalog is a warning about just how to use the App.  I guess products can’t click themselves, duh!

Here’s the main screen.  It is quiet and reserved and everything you see below will lead you into more details for a variety of Vox products.

Did you know Vox makes electric guitars?  You can scroll through their guitar line and, when you find one that interests you, touch the guitar for more information.

You can touch “More” to get a webpage view of the product from the Vox website.

Here’s the Specs screen:

Clicking on the video icon will take you to a video link provided by Vox:

Vox also makes guitar pedals.

Famous Vox amps are aplenty in the App.

All the amps will give you an up-close looksee at the control panel.  That’s a welcome design initiative because, in most online stores and paper catalogs, you get a beauty shot of a Vox amp, but you can’t see the actual dials and details.

Vox also sponsors a stableful of artists.  Scroll and click for more information.

Vox accessories are also featured — including our beloved series of Vox Amplugs:

I really enjoyed spending time with the Vox Mobile Catalog.  The App is well-produced and informational, and while it is singly self-serving for Vox as an advertisement ploy, I didn’t mind the single-mindedness of the App because there are no “buy” links and no third-party advertising to float through.  It’s 100% Vox all the time.


  1. Cute review, David. I downloaded it to my iPhone. I didn’t know Vox made so very many things. You’re right the amps are the highlight of the program. The videos are pretty neat.

    1. That’s right, Gordon!

      It would be so great if Vox used Push notifications to give instant discounts on their pedals and amps and stuff. That would make it a “must have” App.

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