Vox Mobile Catalog Review

I was toodling around the iTunes App store this morning, and when I did a search for “guitar amps,” I discovered the “Vox Mobile Catalog” for my iPhone and I was hooked the moment after the free download.

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The Second Sign as Six Apart Comes Apart: Vox Bellyflops

We’ve been on Six Apart Death Watch for six months now, and yesterday, the Second Sign appeared that 6A are slowly clambering their way down into a Death Spiral from which they shall likely never recover.

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The Vox amPlug Review

I love my ’65 Fender Princeton Reverb Amp — but there are times in a beginner Bluesman’s life when you need quiet and discretion while rehearsing or recording.  Enter the Vox series of amPlug “speaker replacements” that allow you to practice and perform in private with some of the greatest sounds you will ever hear.

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VOX Valvetronix VT15 Review

I have reviewed a lot of amps.  Some of them cost a thousand dollars.  Some of them were only a few hundred to own.  When I saw the VOX Valvetronix VT15 on sale over the weekend for around $150.00USD, I had to leap into the fray and pay me my money down.

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