I didn’t think the iPhone App store could sink any lower than BulletFlight, but yesterday I was proven wrong with the bouncing new arrival of a 99 cent App called “Baby Shaker.”

Baby Shaker was pulled from the iPhone App store almost as quickly as it appeared, but I was able to grab a few shots for you of the App in action.

Here’s a pretty baby just waiting — and wailing, I suppose — for you to give her a good iPhone shaking!

There!  That’ll teach her!

Is your rage still not satisfied?

Here… try a toddler instead!

When the infant’s eyes are X’d out, you’ve won the game!

Congratulations, your jail cell is waiting.

How did Baby Shaker pass Apple’s App inspection process?

Isn’t good taste and compatibility a major component of the iPhone App store?

I guess not — and you can shake on it to be sure.


  1. Great question. I wonder about apps like these and how they even get past the review board.

  2. I have no idea how this App was approved, Gordon! It makes no sense. I wonder if robot and computers are doing the App vetting? I can’t imagine any human eye would not sound warnings.

  3. Hi David,
    How can an organization can be so careless that this feature can actually be approved?

  4. That’s what we’re all wondering, Katha. It isn’t like Apple approves every single App. They do not by a mile. They are very picky when it comes to the approval process and many times “competing” Apps that enhance features already on the iPhone are rejected as anti-competitive or whatever, so there IS someone watching and vetting every single App and developers loudly complain about how long it takes Apple to approve a new version due to extended “testing.”
    Baby Shaker was released on a Monday. The outrage grew on Tuesday and Wednesday and it was pulled on Wednesday afternoon. By Thursday the issue was still burning on the internet with outrage and Apple finally apologized late Thursday night in a Press Released but they said nothing more about how and why the App was approved in the first place. It’s mystifying. My goodness, the NAME gives away the whole sick joke, so it isn’t like the developer was hiding anything…

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