Brad Pitt’s new “Benjamin Button” movie is in the same “idiot savant as genius” genre as the ridiculous and ridicule-worthy “Forrest Gump” before it — but is that plot association a little too cute and way too similar to be a coincidence?  Here’s a hilarious video comparison for your discerning mind:

UPDATE:  The video was removed!  Too close a comparison for comfort, I guess.  Since there’s no such thing as a coincidence, I think the video’s removal expresses the remorse of those that did the imitating. 

If you’ve seen both movies, what do you think?

Are Benjamin and Forrest the same lucky idiots when it comes to storyline and plot construction?

If so, does Benjamin deserve 13 Oscar nominations?

Is Hollywood that flakey and foolish to have such a short memory where 15 years between movies is a lifetime?


  1. Curiously, knowing nothing else about the film other than the reverse aging thing, I thought immediately to the episode of Mork & Mindy where it was revealed that aliens from Ork age in reverse.

  2. Hi David,
    It seems to be a “feel good” movie with some drama added…if that is the benchmark of a storyline for getting an Oscar – then this pattern will be repeated many a times in near future.

  3. It is a common pattern, Katha, but the “stealing” seems a little too convenient for me to abide. If “Button” wins a lot, then all creatives are in trouble!

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