Theft By Starbucks

Five years ago, Janna was tutoring one of our ASL students at a Starbucks in New York City’s Greenwich Village.  Starbucks is a great place to meet and learn because they’re everywhere and nicely appointed.  Starbucks, we quickly discovered, is also dangerous.

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How Slide and SuperPoke Pets Stole 3,000 Fake Money Coins

UPDATE April 23, 2009:  After getting the inappropriate comment on this article from Slide this morning, my wife and I have decided to quit the game.  It’s over.  Any links to our SuperPoke Pets sites are no longer active and should be considered dead.  Why should we pay for that sort of attitude from a company?  We’re voting with our wallets and the answer is “No thank you.”

I enjoy playing’s SuperPoke Pets and I’ve raved about SuperPoke Pets and ranted about SuperPoke Pets. Today, I am enraged — not by the game I have come to love — but rather by the lack of an artful and loving technical response to what should have been a simple problem to solve.  This is the story of a false accusation — an unfair incarceration of character if you will — and its ultimate unraveling in the light of indisputable, human, facts.

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Is the Benjamin Button Plot Original?

Brad Pitt’s new “Benjamin Button” movie is in the same “idiot savant as genius” genre as the ridiculous and ridicule-worthy “Forrest Gump” before it — but is that plot association a little too cute and way too similar to be a coincidence?  Here’s a hilarious video comparison for your discerning mind:

UPDATE:  The video was removed!  Too close a comparison for comfort, I guess.  Since there’s no such thing as a coincidence, I think the video’s removal expresses the remorse of those that did the imitating. 

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Is Stealing Ever Good?

Is there ever a time when stealing is good?

Yes, the inspired stealing of imagination should always be encouraged.

There is no unoriginal theft left.

Some call stealing inspiration, but if you see or experience something and then change or employ those experiences in your life — you have effectively borrowed and stolen the thoughts of others and I wholly encourage that effort.

I am not condoning plagiarism, but I am supporting the opportunity to consider and use ideas that are not your own because there are no original thoughts left in the world.

We are ignited by the shared memories of others and we must honor the covenant of those tendrilous relationships.

The theft confirms the collective genius.