Next Age in Evolution: AI Consciousness

I recently had an online conversation about the future of AI, and the possibility of the human mind one day becoming AI — and the subsequent gift of everlasting life would finally be realized. We are not our bodies. We are not our souls. We are our minds — filled with memories, learning, and perception. The ultimate goal we know several scientists are working on right now is to “download the mind” and copy the experiences into AI to create a parallel life among the living where the only thing that will matter moving forward is the collected, replicable, experiences of where we have been and the codification of future morality and the “human beingness” in our futures.

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Is the Benjamin Button Plot Original?

Brad Pitt’s new “Benjamin Button” movie is in the same “idiot savant as genius” genre as the ridiculous and ridicule-worthy “Forrest Gump” before it — but is that plot association a little too cute and way too similar to be a coincidence?  Here’s a hilarious video comparison for your discerning mind:

UPDATE:  The video was removed!  Too close a comparison for comfort, I guess.  Since there’s no such thing as a coincidence, I think the video’s removal expresses the remorse of those that did the imitating. 

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Up From the Grave

If you could be resurrected from the grave — re-born by science to become your own twin in a never-ending cycle of life — would you hope for that chance to live your life over again?  

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