America is in crisis. We are lost. We are hungry. We are hurting. We are ill. These troubles have arrived with the heavy hand of Donald Trump — who has yet to meet a policy, a decision, or a thought that he can’t successfully caress into hatred and bigotry. If we are ever to get out of this muck of a mistake of a President, we need our national elected leaders to lead. We need Republicans to step up to stand up and stand down Trump. With Trump isolated and emolliated, the union just may be salvageable. There is only one man right now who has the capacity, and the power, to save us from the complete destruction of a failed American democracy: Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell — but one nagging question remains and lingers — how long will he wait to finally do the right thing?

Yes, the most powerful man in Washington, D.C. is Mitch McConnell, not Donald Trump because Mitch McConnell alone decides if the President stays or if the President goes.

I understand if you’re a diehard liberal, or progressive, or Democrat that the idea of Mitch McConnell wielding enough power to rescue the nation from a White House White Power Fascism — by denying Donald Trump a second term in office — may be immalleable and inconsiderate, but I ask you to consider, what other one person in America can actually stop Donald Trump in his tracks right now? Not Joe Biden. Not Andrew Cuomo. Certainly not Hillary Clinton or Bill Barr. Not even the Hollow Men can rescue us from their most fallow member.

No, our single hope for the immediate redemption of our nation is found in Mitch McConnell. Mitch can take the Trump heat and beat it back with the back of his hand. The second Mitch turns against the President, and says — “Enough of this” — Donald Trump is cooked. Trump cannot survive without McConnell’s support, and Mitch knows that, and Donald Trump knows that, too.

So why isn’t Mitch doing anything right now to stop this fiasco of a Presidency? Well, Mitch is having his way packing the Federal courts with Republican loyalists and, for the perpetual moment, stacking the courts for the next generation with conservatives is more necessary to him than stopping Donald Trump.

However, I predict in the near future — perhaps during Trump’s unavoidable attempt at an “October Surprise” before the election — Trump will finally cross the line of immaculate compunction by doing something so dangerous, or so ridiculous, that even Mitch will be forced to abandon his court packing and actually do something to protect and preserve the authentication of Republican ideals.

No, Mitch won’t stave Donald Trump for the goodness of America — Mitch will only split his Republicans when he’s forced to abandon the President to try and save his conservative majority in the Senate where he condemns with a bloody fist in a steel glove. Mitch is all about power, and access, and money and with Trump going down in flames to the likes of a Joe Biden, Mitch will have to turn against Trump to try to save his own skin, and the hides of his perfunctory majority.

Once Mitch turns on the President, many Republicans will finally feel safe enough to hide behind Mitch and go against Trump, too, without fear of retribution.

If Mitch acted right now against Trump, he’d be an American hero — but Mitch clearly isn’t interested in adoration, or the perils of history — no, McConnell wants as much time as possible to fulfill his agenda; but by waiting, he risks losing what he most covets: control of the Senate.

Mitch also knows if he compels Trump too soon to the judgment of history, the negative blowback would be immediate, bruising and cruel — so he’ll wait for the perfect moment, when there’s no turning back for Trump to spin and save himself, and Mitch will eloquently, and invisibly “strike at a King” to make sure Trump is personally finished and politically castrated — but the timing will have be precise and brutal.

Mitch may not show his fingerprints in the insurrection against Trump, but he’ll tell us he’s “shocked and dismayed” and his fellow Republicans will only be left with one choice: abandon the sinking Trump Titanic. There’s no going back to that iceberg. You know Mitch has more filth on Trump than Trump dares to pretend against knowing. Mitch can finish Trump in one day with the right strategy of instant disillusion; no drip, drip, drip will be necessary.

Mitch McConnell can read polls. He’s a crafty and prescient survivor. Mitch McConnell can track the scent of change in the political winds. If Mitch McConnell senses he’s losing the Senate, I promise you, he will not allow Donald Trump to swiftly ride into a second term on the backs of the carcasses of the caucus Mitch used to rule.