Today, let’s offer some friendly advice to the Democrat nominee nation based on the results of the first debate, and inspired by things to watch for in the upcoming second debate. First, I was born in the middle of the country surrounded by waves of Republicans. I currently work on the East Coast and on the West Coast — and a lot of Democrats pay me a lot of money. I have experience flipping on both sides of this national dime, and the Democrat Party has a long way to go to defeat an anachronistic, charismatic, President who feasts on the gruel of the worst in humanity.

Here we go, Democrats: Blunt, Blue and Raw!

Stop talking about DACA and immigration. Your feelings are getting in the way of discovery and winning a national election. There’s no way to demand protection for the weak and the foreign right now. They don’t vote, and so, for now, they don’t count in the equation of winning the Electoral College. Borders matter. Safety matters. Kids speaking Spanish explaining how mistreated they were as guests of the United States is a losing storyline.

Stop talking about busing. It’s old news. It isn’t going to happen today. Busing makes you look old and out of touch or bitter and perfunctory.

Stop talking about Trump! Nobody cares! We all know exactly who and what he is — so accept that, too, and move on. There’s nothing you can say about him that matters to anyone. We know, we know! Everyone already knows if they love him or hate him, so don’t give him any more oxygen that he already gets from the media.

Stop talking about Climate Change. You have no power to do anything about it now, and to continually bring it up makes you look weak and whiny. Sure, we all want great oceans, and clean rivers, and fresh air — but people only vote on the immediate needs of their life — and even though the climate is vital, voters don’t view it that way. Right now, you’re out to win votes, not save the planet.

Stop talking about Gay Marriage and Gender Inequality. Sure, all of that matters — but not in a Presidential election when you have to move 5% of the people from the other side of the fence to your side of the yard. It’s a losing topic all around for Democrats because those who care to hate about it vote more than those who care less about it.

Give up on Robert Mueller. He’s a vain-blood Republican at heart, and he isn’t going to save you, or give you a silver bullet. He’s a self-confessed dud and a dead end.

Do talk about Taxes. I haven’t met one regular person who didn’t pay substantially more this year in taxes than they ever had before. That matters. That’s a winner! The super rich keep their money, and we pay in four times more than ever? Fix that!

Do talk about Income Inequality. This is another pocket issue the Democrats should own. Yes, play the culture war card of — The Rich vs. The Rest of Us — and make it hurt with blood and sting with feeling. We have a pretender President who lives to be loved by the one-percenters; so make him pay for that absolution in adoration! Put him on the record defending the Liberal Elites!

Do talk about job loss. We’ve all been concerned, at one time in our lives, about the safety net of our future. Will Social Security still be there when we’re ready to retire? If we lose our job, and we’re hungry, will be be fed? That kind of insecurity fear is real and drives people to vote for you if you know how to talk to them about it!

Do talk about healthcare. Don’t take away employer insurance plans. Open Medicare to anyone who wants it — then, soon enough, the entire system will improve — and everyone will be healthier, and safer. Don’t cripple what is already working. Make healthcare as easy to get as showing up to a doctor’s office and then being seen in a timely manner. It can happen!

Do talk about Russia. We cannot have foreign countries messing around with our Democracy. That’s a non-starter. Force the GOP to defend Trump’s enslavement to Putin. Force the GOP to deny we need to protect the safety of the vote. There’s no way Russian influence, and foreign interference in the very fabric of our lives, is not a winner at the ballot box.

Do talk about what it means to a family. Become the party of family. Togetherness. Families may define themselves, and who they are, and how they operate. Togetherness wins. Separation and hate, must lose.

Do talk about the Supreme Court. The court absolutely matters! Don’t talk expansion. That’s too complex and complicated. Talk about losing what was already won. Talk about the danger of radical, conservative, activist judges on the Supreme Court who have a religious agenda, and not a humanitarian agenda.

Do talk about Gun Rights not going anywhere. Guns are here to stay. Accept that fact. Give everyone a gun. Let the Feds buy everyone bullets. That sort of equanimity goes a long way in tamping down the fear of having the guns taken. Let those with guns know we’ll all have guns, just like they do, and things will quickly become interesting in all the right ways for all the right discussions.

Do talk about faith and the soul. There’s nothing wrong with talking about God and faith and spirit and soul. People want to know what guides you. People want to know what you believe. People also want to know if you’ll leave them alone to believe as they wish.

Do be unique and interesting. Work on your voice and your speaking patterns. Your presentation matters. We hear you before we see you.

Do retake the Senate. As we have seen, owning the House is nothing without also owning the Senate. The Senate is actually more important than the House! You cannot give up one second of one instant of one moment not trying to wrench back the Senate. The Senate is more important to control the future than the Supreme Court.

That’s it for now!

Go forth, good Democrats, and conquer!