Donald Trump is not a Republican. He was a Democrat for 50 years of his life. He is a liberal. He ran for president as a Republican because Hillary was already coronated as the presidential pick of the DNC before the primary even started. Trump would have LOVED to run for president as a Democrat AGAINST Obama — and the result would have been the same: President Trump — the Democrat version!

Donald Trump is, if anything beyond a liberal, a Populist. He wants to be adored by as many people as possible. He wants to be loved by the masses. Trump wants to be adored and loved by not just anybody, but by those he covets: Rich people with money. Those people, in the swirl of his upscale New York City lifestyle circle are probatively more liberal than rock-rib conservative.

Donald Trump will not risk losing his brand, or his friends, or his admirers as President. He cannot live the rest of his life as a hated, social outcast, in the middle of New York City!

Despite all his hateful rhetoric during the campaign for president, I believe Trump is a centrist and that he’ll find it safer to manage from the middle than from the bleeding edges of mainstream human society — and that will ultimately displease his Republican overlords.

I also believe Trump doesn’t want written on his tombstone that he took away abortion rights for women, or that he killed Obamacare, or that he allowed Medicaid to be privatized under his watch, over his name.

Trump also won’t want to nominate Scalia-types to the Supreme Court and have that sort of hateful legacy follow him, and his children, to their graves.

Donald Trump will want Supreme Court Justices more like his elder, jurist sister, who has a reputation for being tough, but fair, and she is non-radicalized. She hits the fair, moral, medium — and that’s precisely what the country needs, and Trump knows it, even though he cannot admit it, yet.

To win the election, Trump had to run as a Rustbelt Rube and as a Bohunk from the Midwest — and he’ll have to play along with that role, even filling some subordinate roles in his administration — until he’s safely sworn in as president in January 2017.

Once he’s in the seat, you’ll start to see changes from him, and in him — as he swings a bit more centrist — and those on the Right, even from his own inner circle, will begin to oppose him on infrastructure and welfare and immigration and on court justices.

We, who have known Trump, and we, who have lived in his city for the past 30 years or more, know he is all about being liked and being entertaining. He enjoys changing his mind. He likes surprising people. He won’t want the complete destruction of the social fabric of the United States to be his legacy, and he’ll fight the Right Wingers by merely telling them “no” through not listening and inaction.

It’s a sign of high intelligence to change your mind when the facts change, and Donald Trump will show us all what sort of genius he is in the end.

Now, fighting that sort of vile hatred among those who are in his Republican party will be difficult — not for Trump, he won’t care — but for those around him who will demand that he play the role that elected him.

Trump will refuse to play their game, and only play his, and he will continue to do as he wishes.

And that’s when everything will change — as the Republican tide turns against him. It will start with his selection for the Supreme Court. I believe he’ll pick more of a Merrick Garland milquetoast type than hardcore Scalia clone. If I’m wrong, then this entire article is self-debunked, but if I’m right, then read on!

If Trump surprises his Republican base over the next couple of years or so, and if he’s helping create jobs and protecting Medicaid and being fair with the Democrats, you’ll start to see a massive change on the Republican realm of the coil as they move to impeach Trump.

We know the Republicans already have plenty of evidence to use against Trump to impeach him in a split second — they will hold that over him to force him to do their bidding — but he won’t give in and the Republicans will see a chance to have an authentic Republican in the White House as a President Pence, not Trump, and that desire to have a Yes Man as their Puppet-in-Chief will be too enticing to forgive.

That’s when it will be time for the Democrats to step forward to “save” the Trump Presidency from impeachment — and they’ll be saving him from the same forces of evil who tried, for eight years, to destroy the Obama presidency.

The Democrats preternaturally know they have more of a friend in a President Trump than they ever will in a President Pence or President Ryan — so the Democrats will be forced to stand with Trump, and to defend him against Republican-led impeachment — in order to save the safety of the nation!

Donald Trump likes those who like him — so he’ll be delighted at the sudden love and protection the Democrats are providing — and he’ll stay and fight for the middle against the Right Wing, perhaps even championing him into a second, centrist, term.

Now you have the how and the why of the Democrats rising to stand with President Trump in order to form a more perfect union!

However, if Trump is just going to be a rubber stamp for the Hard Right agenda from his Trump penthouse in New York City — then we’re all doomed — but only for two years until the midterm elections of 2018 force the pavement to hit the road.

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